Love Painted in Red [PDF] Download Ú Love Painted in Red : by Cristiane Serruya - Love Painted in Red, Love Painted in Red Tavish MacCraig thirty three year old Highlander forsook his medical and military career after being a POW for months in Afghanistan to run his family s internationally renowned art gallery in L

  • Title: Love Painted in Red
  • Author: Cristiane Serruya
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  • Page: 370
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Love Painted in Red

[PDF] Download Ú Love Painted in Red : by Cristiane Serruya, Love Painted in Red, Cristiane Serruya, Love Painted in Red Tavish MacCraig thirty three year old Highlander forsook his medical and military career after being a POW for months in Afghanistan to run his family s internationally renowned art gallery in London The Blue Dot Despite being surrounded by wealth and beauty Tavish s days are bleak his nights living nightmares and his heart an empty shell But when he meets IrTavish [PDF] Download Ú Love Painted in Red : by Cristiane Serruya. [PDF] Download Ú Love Painted in Red : by Cristiane Serruya - Love Painted in Red, Love Painted in Red Tavish MacCraig thirty three year old Highlander forsook his medical and military career after being a POW for months in Afghanistan to run his family s internationally renowned art gallery in L

  • [PDF] Download Ú Love Painted in Red : by Cristiane Serruya
    370Cristiane Serruya
Love Painted in Red
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  1. Tavish is a veteran and a war hero whose life has taken a dramatic turn after he was captured by the Taliban and was a POW for 6 months He lost much than just his sanity, he lost his girlfriend, his faith, and his happiness Laetitia is a woman who lost her childhood and teenage years, her innocence, but it has not taken away her sweetness and her belief in happiness, although an incident eight years prior makes her extra careful.Tavish s and Laetitia s lives are about to change dramatically whe [...]

  2. What could be a clich romance turns out to be a heart wrenching, hot, thrilling story about two broken and resilient human beings.We already knew Tavish from Trust Series he is Alistair s brother He came out as a great character who will have female readers fainting at his feet yet as I read Love Painted in Red with Beth, my wife, we found Laetitia to be an even greater character A mix of a historical and contemporary heroine with a touch of what paranormal in her appearance Laetitia is throughl [...]

  3. Live on on Kindle and Paperback June 21, 2016 Love Painted in Red is already available for those who nominated it on the KindleScout campaign Grab your copy on the email KindleScout sent you.To pre order, click on myBook LovePinRedJune 6, 2016 Love Painted in Red has been selected by for a KindleScout campaign To vote for it, and win a free copy, if it is published by PRESS, just click on bit KS LPR and then on the blue button nominate me.I hope you win your Love Painted in Red Kindle ebook.Good [...]

  4. Great read romantic and suspenseful plot, well developed characters, hot sex scenes, flawless writing, and original touch What else could I ask MORE

  5. I m Ms Serruya s fan and boy does she write.Love Painted in Red tells the love story of two broken souls mixed perfectly with mystery and thriller It s a romance with suspense and drama painted with the right colors Tavish MacCraig, the billionaire hunk Highlander, was POW for 6 months in the hands of the Taliban while serving as a doctor in RAF After returning to civil life, he forsakes his medical career and assumes a position on one of his family business But the scars in his soul and body ar [...]

  6. I read a lot of romance novels but rarely write reviews, however I felt inclined to write one for this book as it is so well written I loved the story and it kept me enthralled right to the end I also really liked the characters who were complex and interesting I read this book after reading the Trust trilogy which is also excellent and I was pleasantly surprised to find Love Painted in Red just as good as those books I would definitely recommend this book if you enjoy romance with some suspense [...]

  7. This was not for me I liked the blurb, but the purple prose and the almost fan fic style made me cringe when I was not laughing at some of the phrases This is SO overdone, so ridiculously overblown and over described and so full of trying to be dramatic moments that I got to the stage where I couldn t see how it could possibly get any intense His skin was an exquisite shade of the lightest coppery gold His mane was made of the darkest midnight black silky locks, which shimmered under the soft s [...]

  8. It s been a while since I ve picked up a book and been compelled to forgo going out the whole Sunday and stay up half the night to finish it And make that the first Sunday of the year, now you know how good is Love Painted in Red But Ms Serruya s books never fail to keep me awake for hours.It sucked me in from the firsts pages and Tavish and Laetitia didn t let me go until the last word Very well written, with believable and original characters, original plot, with twists and turns galore, Love [...]

  9. I ve been lucky enough to follow Ms.Serruya s stories right from the very beginning, after I was a winner in a giveaway of her first Trust novel Now in the beginning I was very sceptical as to whether I would like the book, being as, at the time, it wasn t really my genre Well, what a surprise that turned out to be I not only loved the first book, but loved the rest of the books in the series, and went on to read several other books with various themes in the genre Wow, what an eye opener that t [...]

  10. Love Painted in Red sucked me in from the firsts pages and Tavish and Laetitia didn t let me go until the last page Very well written, with believable and original characters, original plot, with twists and turns galore, Love kept me turning the pages I held my breath as their pasts began to unfold I loved and I hated the why they are so hurt by their past tragedies And the beautiful steamy sex scenes to top OMG I loved this book

  11. A book about Tavish Am really hoping that by 2017 I can get used to routine of having the baby Congratulations and good luck

  12. I loved this book the characters are great I was hooked in 4 pages and it kept me hooked all the way to the end I love all her books and would highly recommend them all

  13. Another great romance by Cristiane Serruya I am totally in love with Tavish and Laetitia s original story

  14. Tavish MacCraig is an ex POW military vet, who has decided to run his family s art gallery in London Suffering from PTSD, Tavish has a difficult time coming to terms with life as it comes at him When he meets the Irish painter, Laetitia Galen, who also has deep scars from her earlier life, both fall prey to a strong attraction between them Nevertheless, neither is ready to give himself herself up to this attraction Laetitia tries to repel Tavish Tavish becomes obsessed with Laetitia This is thei [...]

  15. What can I say Another stupendous romance from Cristiane Serruya It has it all a well written, beautiful story with original plot, great character development, hot sex scenes, and that touch of suspense and action so peculiar to Ms Serruya, that especially at the end, made LPinR a page flipping exciting book I loved Laetitia s story And I became a huge fan of Tavish Uilleam, too what a hunk He might have taken Alistair Connor s and Ethan s places in my heart I was also very, very impressed with [...]

  16. I received a free copy through Kindle scout.I really loved the trust trilogy so when there was a new book from Cristiane Serruya I had to read it Love Painted in Red doesn t disappoint and I ended up divouring it I especially love how the tension is being build up during the story end ended in one big explosion, really, my heart is still beating to fast And then the main characters, I just love them I think the best part about them is that they could be real they are not flawless but have scars [...]

  17. First off, I have to say what an eye catching and fantastic cover this book has The writing in this novel is just as red hot and steamy as the cover implies Tavish and Laetitia are two tortured souls, who have both suffered unspeakable tragedies Will they find the strength to move beyond their troubled pasts and find healing solace in each other s arms Grab a copy of this Kindle Scout winner to read their twisty tale.

  18. I thought it would never endI wanted to stop reading this at 12%, but powered through I wish I hadn t This was a chore to read It was disjointed, lacked character development, and never really explained several key aspects of the story.I cannot understand any 5 star reviews being given to this dreck.

  19. I had received this book through Kindle scout, and the author was suggested by a friend I ve mixed feeling about the book, though the plot had quite potential, the suspense well handled, I was disappointed with the extra dose of eroticism the lack of justice to the climax puzzles solved in the last few pages It left me high and dry I am a huge fan of Nora Roberts, and I thought the plot had all the ingredients to be a la Roberts But, I think the book could have done away with a few chapters and [...]

  20. This story was hard to get into Details were missing and there really wasn t anything to the plot The story line was slow and I found myself skimming through some pages It s unusual for me to struggle through a book and not finish it The characters seem one dimensional They aren t easily relatable I can t connect with them The chemistry between them has left me cold Hopefully, I ll come back through and finish the book.I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book

  21. Received this book for free for my honest review.Pass on this book It was so slow and boring and went over and over and over how there were feelings between the 2 main characters I did skim most of the book and the last 25 pages or so tied things together but it still wasn t worth reading.

  22. I enjoyed this story and characters, everything was interesting and well written I can recommend it.But what I didn t like disjointed plot too sudden changes of POV s too ideal characters in some parts.

  23. It was a suspenseful romance and I was thrilled The characters were really attractive and the plot was great.But I feel bad for the author Since I got a digital copy, I couldn t read it for a long time at once My eyes got tired easily and I read only a few pages a day, so it took ages to finish it It means I couldn t concentrate on the story very much I wish I had a physical copy If I get a paperback in the near future, I ll read this again and write a better review

  24. The romance part of this book fits the typical things you ll find in many romance books beautiful people, steamy sex which I skip over , and lovers with issues There was nothing in that aspect that made the book stand out What makes it a good read is the backstories of the two main characters I would have enjoyed reading those stories in full PTSD from the war in Afghanistan haunts Tavish, while living a childhood among a cult keeps Laetitia away from society Of course, romance lovers will enjoy [...]

  25. When I read the blurb for Love Painted in Red on Kindle Scout I really liked it so I nominated it I was so happy when it got published and I got a copy However, while the blurb was accurate, the way the story was presented was confusing for me I liked the idea of Tavish MacCraig being a doctor and in the military though being a POW for 6 months would have been unbearable The mystery of Laetitia s terrible past was intriguing especially when she later seemed to be almost hiding as well as a very [...]

  26. Steamy romance, revenge, war, true love this book has it all If you want to read a story that satisfies all your appetites, look no further than Love Painted in Red When two characters who are polar opposites are thrust into each other s lives, the romance that ensues is complex and beautiful Laetitia has been traumatized by her childhood, and Tavish was broken while at war, so when they fall for each other they must struggle to keep their past lives hidden.I don t want to give away too much of [...]

  27. Another winning novel by Cristiane SerruyaThe character Tavish from The Trust Series is further developed in this book I absolutely love Tavish He has many demons from his time in the military which makes him human and relatable I could easily picture a sexy gentle giant with a soft touch Laetitia is the lucky girl he falls in love with Laetitia also has demons she deals with and together they come together to help one another heal I enjoyed the love story along with some spicy love scenes.

  28. Very disappointed especially after my love for the Trust series Tavish s character was great, but my likes start and end with him The elfin ear heroine and her storyline was not what I anticipated or liked I had a difficult time getting through the book, where some parts were longer than needed and other were rushed much like the ending I am not giving up on this talented author, to each their own and this one was just not for me.