Bride of Pendorric [PDF] Read ☆ Bride of Pendorric : by Victoria Holt - Bride of Pendorric, Bride of Pendorric Favel Farrington meets Roc Pendorric on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Capri where she was raised and lives with her father Roc sweeps her off her feet taking her from her home by an emerald se

  • Title: Bride of Pendorric
  • Author: Victoria Holt
  • ISBN: 9780449449981
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Book

Bride of Pendorric

[PDF] Read ☆ Bride of Pendorric : by Victoria Holt, Bride of Pendorric, Victoria Holt, Bride of Pendorric Favel Farrington meets Roc Pendorric on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Capri where she was raised and lives with her father Roc sweeps her off her feet taking her from her home by an emerald sea to the ancient family home of the Pendorrics in Cornwall His sister and her family await them with open arms welcoming young Favel She is the much anticipated Bride ofFavel Farr [PDF] Read ☆ Bride of Pendorric : by Victoria Holt. [PDF] Read ☆ Bride of Pendorric : by Victoria Holt - Bride of Pendorric, Bride of Pendorric Favel Farrington meets Roc Pendorric on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Capri where she was raised and lives with her father Roc sweeps her off her feet taking her from her home by an emerald se

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Bride of Pendorric : by Victoria Holt
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Bride of Pendorric
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  1. 3.5 stars, rounding up So we ve got a rechristened Retro Reads GR group for early to mid 20th century nostalgic type reads, mostly historical fiction with some mysteries and romances mixed in , and there s an upcoming buddy read of Victoria Holt s Mistress of Mellyn in about two weeks It sounded kind of fun to me, and I found a big fat omnibus volume of Holt gothic romantic suspense novels on Abebooks 4 for the hardback of all four novels, and no shipping charge Score It arrived in the mail yest [...]

  2. This was the first gothic romance novel I ever read in 7th or 8th grade and I m giving it a 5 because I loved it so much at that time It was a transitional book for me, an adult romance mystery after having read all the Nancy Drew series and book selections for young readers, etc If I were to read it again now, I might not feel the same way so I probably won t Why meddle with a good memory All the books we read add something to our minds, and surely lead us on to other books that will be importa [...]

  3. Victoria Holt had clearly swotted up onbefore writing this doom laden account of a young girl s infatuation marriage to an older man After her father s unexpected death, Roc whisks Favel from Capri to Cornwall where she is terrorised by the legend of the Brides of Pendorric.While reading I found Favel s constant unease surprising in one so young nineteen but she was completely on her own married to a man she barely knew So I m cutting her some slack.A major weakness for me was that I didn t find [...]

  4. Eking out a living with her widowed father in his art studio on the island of Capri, Favel is swept off her feet by visitor Roc Pendorric and they are married, although her happiness is marred by the sudden death of her father Upon arrival at Roc s Cornwall estate, Favel learns of the legend of the Brides of Pendorric married into the family for their money and die mysterious deaths at a young age and then destined to haunt the halls until another bride dies and takes her place Not surprisingly, [...]

  5. Favel was a lovely heroine, if a little unsure And I am not surprised that she was so unsure, how can you not be when people don t tell you what s happening And what was she to do with so many little things destroying her peace From two twins set on her becoming one of The Brides to accidents happening a little too soon after the others for comfort and being locked in a crypt, something is afoot and it s enough to craze the most stable of us There were three sets of twins Three Try figuring out [...]

  6. So many sets of twins and such a cliched way of combining twins and suspense narratives sigh

  7. It is hard for me to be objective about this book and to keep from comparing it to Daphne Du Maurier s Rebecca since it is so obviously inspired by it I just couldn t take it seriously Way over the top, heavy handed, and ridiculous, with that cliche dumb as a post heroine who refuses to see what is staring at her in the face, and a so called hero who spends so much time away from the action that he truly seems ghost like than the departed Barbarina that name , the malevolent spirit who torments [...]

  8. Recently, I ve decided to revisit cherished writers and well loved books of the past Victoria Holt, and the genre of gothic suspense romance is one of many on my list The Bride of Pendorric is a reread for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed my new endeavor The book did not disappoint many gothic elements are well presented The looming estate in Cornwall, a cast of colorful and deceitful characters, a romantic intrigue with the hint of a ghostly presence and of course, underlying dark currents run stea [...]

  9. I loved it It was amusing, but also it was suspenseful There were a few heartwarming moments, like with the old Lord Polhorgan is that it Ok, here s the summary Favel marries Roc Pendorric, and goes to live with him and his sister, Morwenna and nieces, Hyson and Lyson There is a legend surrounding the place that the last Bride Roc s mother, Barbarina haunts the quadrangle and will kill the next bride so she can rest in peace at last After a while, she makes a few friends like Lord Polhorgan view [...]

  10. I first read this in Jr High because I wanted to, not because I had to I picked it up again just to see if I still liked Holt s writing.Yes I did Mostly, as an adult, I liked it because intimacy behind closed doors and in spite of what the cover hints at, it focused on the characters in the story, not their hormones Hooray In fact, the husband is gone much of the time on business and I got the feeling he was in the way of what Holt wanted to do with Favel This time through I picked up on at leas [...]

  11. The ultimate gothic classic Madness, secrets, crypts, suspicious husbands, cliffs and moors it never gets old.

  12. In Bride of Pendorric, young Favel is swept off her feet by the handsome Roc Pendorric when he visits her father s studio on the island of Capri Shortly after their marriage, her father dies unexpectedly and in order to distract her from her grief, Roc takes her home to the Pendorric mansion in Cornwall She is warmly welcomed by Roc s family and the villagers, who enthusiastically call her the Bride of Pendorric , and at first she is able to dismiss the tales regarding a family curse that leads [...]

  13. Gothic Mystery Wrapped Around a RomanceLike most of Holt s historical romances, I assume this one was set in the Victorian era but it takes place mostly in Cornwall Favel Farrington was living with her artist father on the beautiful Isle of Capri when Roc Pendorric from Cornwall came into their studio one day and swept Favel off her feet.Roc was a charmer from the beginning and soon they were wed, but the day was overshadowed by her father s drowning death Once Favel and Roc arrive at the ancest [...]

  14. I read this book many years ago as a young girl and I remember loving it It is written in the 1st person point of view and is categorized as a gothic romance One of my favorite genres from that time of my life.

  15. I am soooooooooooo glad Victoria Holt is coming back into print You KNOW how I love her books This one is greatathered with brooding suspense I LOVE it

  16. Gothic novels are my thing, and I m a big fan of Victoria Holt Bride of Pendorric was a nice surprise family secrets, paintings of unfortunate brides, twins twins run in the Pendorric family including the identical pair nicknamed Hy and Lo, nieces of Favel s new husband This book kept me guessing, with plots and twists throughout Very long chapters only 7 chapters , but I was engrossed by this story, and by the Pendorrics, who live in an incredible castle, that is almost like a character itself

  17. I was of older gradeschool age, and after exhausting all the Nancy Drew s my mother s younger sister passed down to me, I went to my parents meager book shelf I read Exodus, by Leon Uris The boldface on the book jacket demanding to be read like a hollywood movie demanding to be seen I had no idea that it already was a movie From that book forward I was hungry for literature I tried other books on this parental shelf this Steinbeck Winter of our Discontent I liked but could not say why Dale Carne [...]

  18. This spine tingling mystery, keeps you turning the pages, as you get deeper and deeper into this book There s no turning back now Favel doesn t know who to trust She s married Roc Pendoric, a mysterious man that she has fallen in love with and married, but when her father mysteriously drowns, Favel know that Roc is not telling her something Roc takes her back to Pendoric as his new bride, where she discovers everyone is waiting for a new bride to take the place of the old bride of Pendoric, who [...]

  19. Victoria Holt was an incredibly prolific writer, writing under several pseudonyms most prominently Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy, and Philippa Carr Victoria Holt was her pseudonym for writing Gothic romance and these books are wonderful and old fashioned and fun to read I remember staying up all night at my Mississippi grandmother s house when I was in high school reading The Legend of the Seventh Virgin and loving every minute of it I ve also read The Mistress of Mellyn although I thought it was j [...]

  20. When I picked up this book, I was expecting nothing than a bit of gothic fluff Surprisingly, it turned out to be amazingly good The cover image on my edition suggests that the story is a 19th century gothic horror romance It s not When I discovered that, I was somewhat tempted to just put it down again, because I m not fond of contemporary romance But in this case, it s contemporary to the 1960s, which gave it just enough of a Dark Shadows appeal to persuade me to keep reading I m glad I did.Th [...]

  21. The thing that made this book good for me was the ending I am usually pretty good at predicting plot twists but this one I did not see coming The rest of the book I thought was not that interesting however They repeated things so many times that it became dull She would visit and do the same things OVER and OVER again The only thing that was different was the tid bits of information she discovered along the way which eventually fell into place I was also really disappointed with the love story s [...]

  22. Holt s little mystery has elements of nearly everything that has come before in this Gothic suspense novel, but her ability to make the writing feel charmingly archaic is notable in itself She has a particular talent for building a feeling of sinister unease, and the ending is actually quite satisfying That said, I did think she set herself up to fail by developing the protagonist s husband a certain way, because the ending renders a lot of the previous development moot Still, it s a fun little [...]

  23. Enoyed this romantic suspence, even though I thought there were unrealistic moments when the fearful feelings of Favel were overplayed Favel, and only child, falls in love with Roc, a stranger visiting her island and becomes engaged Shortly after her father dies, but she continues on with her marriage as Roc is her only friend and family left and goes to live in his mansion of a home with his family There is a mystery surrounding the family that she is curious to find answers to Soon she finds h [...]

  24. Well, this isn t my usual genre, so maybe I had too high hopes But I d heard the author compared to Mary Stewart, whom I love, so I thought I d give it a try I did rather like the heroine, who was just about the only character with than one dimension, and not annoyingly gullible But the plot twists were predictable, the overall plot lacked any depth it was based solely on not guessing the one main plot twist, and the solutions were revealed in a very lazy way And the romance was insipid, probab [...]

  25. Books written by Victoria Holt are so cheesy, but sometimes that s exactly what you need I ve read a loooot of her books when I was 14 15 years was the last time I ve read them I absolutely loved them at the time I m thinking of reading one of her books just for the old times sake

  26. I liked this I loved the main character but wasn t too sure about anyone else until the end The mystery was good although I figured it out before the reveal This novel kind of keeps you thinking the whole time.

  27. Muy buena la trama, aunque el romance en esta historia es casi nulo, me gusta mucho la narrativa de Victoria Holt.

  28. Bride of Pendorric is a novel by Victoria Holt written in 1963 Victoria Holt was a pen name for Eleanor Hibbert Hibbert was an English author who wrote under various pen names Her best known pseudonyms were Jean Plaidy, Victoria Holt, and Philippa Carr she also wrote under the names Eleanor Burford, Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow, Anna Percival, and Ellalice Tate Until I picked up this book, I had heard of none of these people, however, she has sold over 100 million books under these different name [...]