A Mortal Song [PDF] A Mortal Song | by á Megan Crewe - A Mortal Song, A Mortal Song Sora s life was full of magic until she discovered it was all a lie Heir to Mt Fuji s spirit kingdom Sora yearns to finally take on the sacred kami duties But just as she confronts her parents to mak

  • Title: A Mortal Song
  • Author: Megan Crewe
  • ISBN: 9780993980688
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Kindle Edition

A Mortal Song

[PDF] A Mortal Song | by á Megan Crewe, A Mortal Song, Megan Crewe, A Mortal Song Sora s life was full of magic until she discovered it was all a lie Heir to Mt Fuji s spirit kingdom Sora yearns to finally take on the sacred kami duties But just as she confronts her parents to make a plea a ghostly army invades the mountain Barely escaping with her life Sora follows her mother s last instructions to a heart wrenching discovery she is a human chaSora s life was [PDF] A Mortal Song | by á Megan Crewe. [PDF] A Mortal Song | by á Megan Crewe - A Mortal Song, A Mortal Song Sora s life was full of magic until she discovered it was all a lie Heir to Mt Fuji s spirit kingdom Sora yearns to finally take on the sacred kami duties But just as she confronts her parents to mak

  • [PDF] A Mortal Song | by á Megan Crewe
    344Megan Crewe
A Mortal Song
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  1. I m so excited to finally be sharing this book with you It s been than seven years in the making Heads up The ebook is now available for Nook, iBooks, and Kobo as well as Kindle, and it s on sale for 0.99 for the first week of 2017, at every retailer, in every country Universal link books2read u 31gJOvThanks for your support

  2. I was sent an Advanced Reader Copy of this book by the author to review Full video review coming to my YouTube Channel soon.I thoroughly enjoyed this book Not that I was expecting to not enjoy it, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I gravitated towards this story When Meagan originally proposed her newest novel to me, the part that REALLY got me interested in A Mortal Song was that it was meant to be a play on the stereotypical protagonist finds out they re a part of some elite, mythic [...]

  3. 4.5 I really enjoyed this novel I keep sayingDripping in Diversity, Mouthwatering mythology and a stunning setting I loved the insight into the world of Kami, Ghosts and demons Also, how Megan took the chosen one trope and flipped it on its head Its about the understand of not being special and how thats ok.My only issue was some of the characters we so long that i felt they could of been halved and separated.I will recommend this novel to anyone looking for a UNIQUE and MAGICAL adventure

  4. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

    Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest I read this for the Yule Bingo Challenge, for the category of Newt book with magical creatures For info on this challenge, click here I m giving this three stars, but it s basically an honorary four star review, and I m going to explain why in just a moment.According to the author s note at the back, A MORTAL SONG took several years to complete It shows I m no expert in Japanese religion and mythology, but based on the little I do know, the author got a lot [...]

  5. I really liked this book Firstly let me say that I loved Sora she was such a likable character and I was so sad about what happened to her Her whole live she lived thinking she was something she was not and after a dreadful day she learns that everything she knew was just a lieThe pace of this book was fast and amazing, I really liked the magic system it was very unique and I really liked that the ending it was bitter sweat for me and I couldn t imagine any otherAll the characters were well deve [...]

  6. when you say thoughts to come tomorrow but it s been like 11 days oops so hi guys, i d like to start off with a huge thank you to the author for giving me an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review i d like to add a sorry for it coming so late for the most part, a mortal song was not bad at all in fact, when i first found out about it via crewe s newsletter, i was pleasantly surprised because this was an instance where you d expect a chosen one only it s not the main character i haven t r [...]

  7. So this is one of my SPFBO books and unfortunately I didn t finish this one I read to 25%, but I could tell by that point that this book just wasn t going to be my cup of tea The story has Asian origins, and is set largely around Mt Fuji in Japan, but it s a blend of the fantastical and the modern day, and I have a hard time with urban based fantasies.This story follows Sora, a young Kami who has been in training since she was born to grow up and take over Her parents are very powerful protecto [...]

  8. The Mortal Song was a wonderfully written, creative and interesting story The plot was very well done and was very unique Crewe wrote a beautiful and captivating story that is a must read novel for all fantasy lovers.As a reviewer, I rarely comment on the author When reading and reviewing a book, I usually disconnect the author with the writing to create a unbiased review However, during this book, I was in awe at the amount of effort the author put into this book when it came to depicting diffe [...]

  9. I received an advanced copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This has not influenced my opinion in any way A MORTAL SONG is about Sora, who has been raised as a member of the magical elite, kami When their home, Mt Fuji, is under attack, Sora believes that she will be its savior Only to find out that that is not her destiny at all.Can I just say AMAZING Yes, yes I can This book deserves 5 stars, alright It deserves all the stars Because yes, it is amazing.Megan C [...]

  10. 3.5This book started out very strong for me I really loved Sora, the main character, and I liked that this story was not, in fact, about the chosen one Instead it was about the girl who always believed she was the chosen one, until one day she finds out that her whole life has been a lie I really loved that I also really loved the Japanese setting It s not something that is seen often in YA, but as someone who knows a little bit about the Japanese culture, I devoured it I loved the Japanese folk [...]

  11. Wow What a splendid read I laughed and cried for my heroine This was such a refreshing change from the usual troupes I definitely recommend this one to all.

  12. I m a passionate YA reader, especially in the fantasy genre, but I m not blind to the flaws the genre has There is an incredible saturation of the special snowflake trope The hero heroine is destined or prophesied to safe the world their people or any such important thing and if they aren t the sons or daughters of gods or other supernatural creatures, they at least have some other kind of special power that sets them apart from the rest of the world So, naturally, I was excited when I first hea [...]

  13. It s pretty common in fantasy book for the main character to discover their special power or destiny and then come to terms with it throughout the book Are you a little tired of that old story line If you are, A Mortal Song is for you This fantastical YA novel is set in Japan and throws that old trope out the window.Sora is a kami, a mythical Japanese spirit that protects and maintains the earth Or at least she thinks she is On the eve of her 17th birthday, her home of Mount Fuji is ruthlessly a [...]

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  15. A Mortal Song by Megan Crewe was original, there s no denying that I also loved that it was set in Japan because I haven t read a lot of books that are set there But in the end I just didn t like the story enough for me to give a higher rating The beginning was good, I thought but I started getting a little bit bored after that Maybe this story wasn t just for me I don t know Like I said, the book was original it does get some bonus points for that I thought it was original because of the main c [...]

  16. Sora is a kami princess just turned 17 and ready to take on her responsibility with the mountain and the rest of the kami There s only one problem She s human After a surprise attack and a narrow escape, Sora and her companions, Takeo and Midori, race to Tokyo to find the real kami princess to save the mountain, her parents, and gain her place among the kami.This story was beautiful My heart hurt for Sora when her life was turned upside down and it lifted with hers too It was a nice breath of fr [...]

  17. Title A Mortal SongAuthor Megan CreweGenre YA FantasyFormat EbookShelf ARCPages 382Rating 5Heat 1Thoughts I absolutely LOVED this book It s one of the few stories where the main character, Sora, is NOT the hero but one of the sidekicks Granted she still played a huge roll in saving the world but it was such a refreshing change from most stories The characters were awesome, I m actually bummed that I finished the book, I feel like I ve lost touch with some friends I also really enjoyed all the ne [...]

  18. I received A Mortal Song as a free copy from the author I finished this book Jul 8th and held my review, per author request The gifting did not determine the review rating, which reflects my honest opinion Although a different genre than the Lotus Wars series steampunk by Jay Kristoff , there were many similar elements that lead me to believe many of Kristoff s fans would enjoy the fight sequences and plots involved within A Mortal Song The novel had a definite anime feel to it with larger than [...]

  19. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This is the first book I have read by Megan Crewe, and I have to say it will not be the last I also have to say I m a bit heart broken that this is a stand alone novel I love these characters, the plot, just everything When I started reading this book, I was instantly sucked into the story and I fell in love with the characters This is a great story of self discovery, friends, family, and love This book is really an amazing rea [...]

  20. Sora s life was full of magic until she discovered it was all a lie.Heir to Mt Fuji s spirit kingdom, Sora yearns to finally take on the sacred kami duties But just as she confronts her parents to make a plea, a ghostly army invades the mountain Barely escaping with her life, Sora follows her mother s last instructions to a heart wrenching discovery she is a human changeling, raised as a decoy while her parents true daughter remained safe but unaware in modern day Tokyo Her powers were only borr [...]

  21. I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewIt was the cover that caught my attention and the blurb that convinced me I had to read this one I was so happy I managed to got a review copy from netgalley I really enjoyed A Mortal Song, it was an unique read with how the story is told from someone who would normally be a side character It took place in Japan and there was some Japanese mythology in there as well There was action, magic and a saving the world plot line, but it s also than tha [...]

  22. I decided not to finish this book 23% of the way through There was nothing specifically that made me stop, but when I realised my goal of read one chapter a day was in danger of not happening because I really just didn t want to pick up another short chapter of this book enough was enough.The best word I can use to described A Mortal Song is shallow It felt superficial right from the start, where we see the main character, Sora, spying on some humans before heading home for a bit of a shindig.Ho [...]

  23. 4 Stars.A Mortal Song was an adorable, fast paced novel with a well developed romance which was amazing and strong characters The plot is unique, and whilst I really liked the angle, I m not completely sold on the ending which I ll talk about later in the review , overall, I loved reading the character development and action I m going to break my review down into each section characters, setting, plot and finish with overall thoughts.Characters Sora, the heroine, was the best She was accomplishe [...]

  24. The author kindly sent me an e arc in exchange for my honest review My opinion has not been influenced by this Cool idea but the book felt mediocre.The thing that absolutely drew me in was the cover and the synopsis The cover is gorgeous and a story about a princess who turns out not to be the special princess Give me But in the end this book ended up being pretty mediocre There was so much potential but I couldn t find it in the book.First of all the writing style The writing style is pretty st [...]

  25. Full review on my blog,My Bookish Dream.I really enjoyed this book It was such a fun read with very heartwarming characters Plus it s set in Japan and has quiet a few elements of Japanese mythology, which I really enjoyed as well The biggest problem that I had with this book was the romance, it just felt unnecessary and this story would have worked out without it.

  26. I loved it Sora is very real, very relatable, very sympathetic The idea of going from normal to special permeates YA novels, and with good reason We all want to think we re special, or that someone out there is That there s than the every day normalcy of our lives But going from special to normal That s much harder to come across, and Crewe pulls it off by creating a character that we can all relate to The side characters are wonderful and three dimensional as well, including upbeat Chiyo, ende [...]

  27. I received this eARC from Megan Crewe in exchange for an honest review of A MORTAL SONG.I absolutely loved this story It was a magical story about betrayal, finding who you are, and accepting your destiny The story is so great that I have no words of dislike or I am speechless of how amazing it is I think this would definitely be something great and new if it were to become a movie I also learned about magical creatures and it just opened up my mind to what could be out there or what could not [...]

  28. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This does not impact my review in any way.My rating 4 stars out of 5Megan Crewe s A Mortal Song heaps the stakes toweringly high identity crises, kidnapping, tortured parents, the potential end of the world, first loved second love, betrayal, and supernatural battles Whew This novel is action packed, full of twists, and super cool magical battles.The blend of contemporary YA with the fantastical Kami of Japan was int [...]