Out of the Pocket [PDF] Out of the Pocket | by ↠ Bill Konigsberg - Out of the Pocket, Out of the Pocket Star quarterback Bobby Framingham one of the most talented high school football players in California knows he s different from his teammates They re like brothers but they don t know one essential

  • Title: Out of the Pocket
  • Author: Bill Konigsberg
  • ISBN: 9780525479963
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover

Out of the Pocket

[PDF] Out of the Pocket | by ↠ Bill Konigsberg, Out of the Pocket, Bill Konigsberg, Out of the Pocket Star quarterback Bobby Framingham one of the most talented high school football players in California knows he s different from his teammates They re like brothers but they don t know one essential thing Bobby is gay Can he still be one of the guys and be honest about who he is When he s outed against his will by a student reporter Bobby must find a way to earn bacStar quarte [PDF] Out of the Pocket | by ↠ Bill Konigsberg. [PDF] Out of the Pocket | by ↠ Bill Konigsberg - Out of the Pocket, Out of the Pocket Star quarterback Bobby Framingham one of the most talented high school football players in California knows he s different from his teammates They re like brothers but they don t know one essential

  • [PDF] Out of the Pocket | by ↠ Bill Konigsberg
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Out of the Pocket
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  1. 4, 5 stars Man man manNo, I mean Bobby, Bobby, Bobby Or maybe Bill, Bil, BillI love this book I had a work colleague who was an American and tried to teach me the rules of American football He failed My husband has a work colleague who watches a Super Bowl and who tried to inspire me with the idea to watch it on TV Live In Europe is a deep night at that time or better to say, an early morning He failed Actually, an American football is one of the biggest mystery in the world for me I understand [...]

  2. Out of a Pocket is a coming out story about of a 17 year old Bobby Framingham, a senior quarterback Bobby just starts to deal with having dreams about men, and realizing that he is gay He decides to tell his best friend about it But it escalates to something that he has not expected, because his best friend tells his other friend, and then suddenly an article about him being a gay quarterback is out, and it is impossible for him to keep the secret any longer.The book is told from Bobby s first p [...]

  3. This book literally changed my life I know that it sounds a little heavy handed, but there s no other way to describe the impact that Out of the Pocket had on me, as a former high school football player struggling with his sexuality.Unfortunately, I discovered this book about a year too late I graduated high school in 2009 and didn t read this book until 2010 , and I can t help but think that if I had read Out of the Pocket while I was still in high school, my approach to my homosexuality may ha [...]

  4. All American star quarterback Bobby Framingham should enjoy his senior year of high school He has a talented team to back him up, a weird yet funny best friend, and two relatively normal parents But he also owns a secret no one knows about he s gay When his sexuality comes into the limelight, Bobby risks losing everything he s worked so hard for the support of his teammates, a chance to play college football, and his relationship with his family Now he must navigate the risky waters of being the [...]

  5. Out of the Pocket has been on my TBR for quite some time, so when I got a chance to get it from the library of course I checked it out AndI don t know shrugs shoulders It certainly wasn t bad or unenjoyable I guess I was just expecting a little .Let s start with the positives first So, Bobby is a very likable narrator He s honest and realistic and just super nice I also really like Bobby s friends Carrie and Austin Carrie is super funny and Austin s a really supportive friend I also like Bobby s [...]

  6. More times than I can count I ve praised authors who have produced well written books In this particular case, I do not think such a description would do justice to such a beautifully articulated story The writer s voice of this author is purely melodic, and the flow of the prose is so natural and seamless that it literally carries the reader along until all of a sudden they ve sadly reached the last page Out of the Pocket is without question a coming out and coming of age story, but I m relucta [...]

  7. I loved this book It s the story of Bobby, a 17 year old quarterback who realizes he s gay and has to make the decision whether or not to come out and be accepted for who he is in his senior high school year Or whether to stay in hiding, play it safe , and not mess up his chances of becoming a pro football player as he sees no openly gay role models in any of the four major American sports.The book brings out all the issues a highschool senior fights with in the context of him being gay as well [...]

  8. Fucking groan Mother fucking groaningggggggEveryone knows my distaste for Openly Straight, primarily due to the narrative of a gay man being able to conceal or change his sexual identity, but also my strong distaste for the writing style Surprise the same author wrote this novel Frankly, I am astonished that this book has coveted such a wide following and particularly surprised by the high accolades it has received It is one thing to compose a novel that is contrived and derivative when compared [...]

  9. 4.5 starsOut of the Pocket won the Lamba Literary Award in 2009 for the Young Adult category and I can easily see why This touching coming of age story is about a popular high school quarterback that is outed as gay against his will and he struggles to find his balance after this action In the end Bobby not only accepts his sexuality and makes a positive impact but he has a lot of support and a hopeful, if uncertain, future The great writing offers a glimpse back into glory days of high school s [...]

  10. Reviewed by coollibrarianchick for TeensReadTooIn the locker room, the word fag is tossed around jokingly between teammates What they do not realize is that among them is someone struggling to accept that he is different, that he is gay It is one thing being gay it is totally another thing playing a testosterone driven sport, being the star quarterback, and being gay Bobby Framingham, star quarterback, who dreams of playing for Stanford, is an all around good guy handsome, popular and gay No one [...]

  11. What a heartwarming and skilfully written story This book has a simple, forthright, straight forward, All American adolescent maleness all over it Definitely a guy s guy book, written with a decidedly male voice, that much is unequivocal Konigsberg captures perfectly the horror, the confusion, the initial inchoate attractions for one s own sex Any man who s ever experienced the first tremulous premonitions that something is off , that the way he looks at a woman s breasts is not quite in the sam [...]

  12. This is a very good young adult novel about a high school quarterback who is facing the fact that he is gay and trying to decide when and how to come out He knows it could have an impact not just on his personal life but on his chances for a college scholarship and his acceptance by his current team When he trusts the wrong person and his secret begins to leak out, he has some big decisions to make.I enjoyed this book Bobby feels like a real teenager, and the reactions of the people around him a [...]

  13. A beautifully written coming of age story about a young gay high school senior, who happens to be a jock.At times, the acceptance seemed somewhat unrealistic, but I come from a different generation When I graduated in the early 80 s, I would never have dreamed of being so forthright with my schoolmates friends I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, the dialogue and the very well thought out ending If you are looking for a m m novel filled with sex, forget this one Its not there And, that is what makes t [...]

  14. Oh Bobbyyou compel us to want to give you the moon for a review And many have I will just say ditto.

  15. Actual rating 4.5 Bobby is a the star quarterback of his high school football team He s adored and girls are throwing themselves at him but that means nothing to him You see he s gay and after an interview goes amiss being the gay quarterback becomes the most important problem in his life Bill Konigsberg is amazing, Openly Straight one of this other works thoroughly impressed me and so did this one Romance and drama with wonderful relationships and even humour This book had it all.Spoilers Bobby [...]

  16. I went to my thirtieth high school reunion a few years ago, and much to my surprise, our HS football star was there with his partner Who knew he was gay none of us, that s for sure Would that our Bobby yes, he has the same name and the rest of us could have read the story of Bobby Framingham in Out of the Pocket I bet his high school years would have been a whole lot easier and pleasant not that any of us knew it was unpleasant at the time Such is the tragedy of the closet.I accidentally stumbl [...]

  17. This is one of those stories that makes you laugh and cry all at once See Bobby is a manly man who plays football and has it all But he is keeping a secret a very big secret that could destroy his football career His secret is he is gay and no one knows it One day he is your average boy at school then the next day he is outed as being gay But Bobby does not run away from being gay He stands up for himself and lets everyone know that he is who he is and that being gay does not mean he is any diff [...]

  18. In his senior year of high school, football star Bobby Framingham has come face to face with the reality that he is a homosexual The novel follows his journey through his decision of weather or not to come out of the closet After weighing his options, Bobby decides he is not ready to come public for the fear that his sexuality will interfere with his recruitment to play college football After speaking with a friend confidentially, Bobby soon learns that his secret has been let out, and all finge [...]

  19. Finally a novel where a boy has the chance to prove that not all teenagers are troubled kid, and that, yes, it s not simple to be gay, but it s not even the end of the world True, Bobby, the boy in question, is probably living in a better situation than the majority of the gay teenagers out there, and it s easier for him, but still, what strongly comes out of this story no pun intended , is that, if a teenager has a strong and supporting family on his back, and a good net of relationship in fron [...]

  20. An American Star quarterback, Bobby, is living in a great year in his senior year in high school He has an important position in his group, two best friends and caring parents However, he s hiding a secret from everyone he s homosexual This isn t a seriously concerned matter for him until the news of his being homosexual comes out to the public unexpectedly He was terribly shocked by this because he s never thought the reporter who happens to become his friend betrays him, writing an article abo [...]

  21. I ll say that my own review of Out of the Pocket was influenced by a 3 star review posted on by Zach a gay high school athlete whose own take on this book was really interesting and helpful for me.This YA novel about Bobby Framingham, a star high school quarterback coming out and dealing with the consequences, is refreshingly different from many I ve read It does not focus on a romance although there is one suggested I was so pleased that it is totally PG rated except for the general disgusting [...]

  22. Out of the PocketBy Bill KonigsbergThis is a novel that involves a 17 year old high school quarterback who realizes that he is gay Bill Konigsberg s writing is impeccable Konigsberg writes in a way that grasps reader s attention and forces them to feel what the main character Bobby is feeling Bobby, the quarterback, struggles with the decision to tell people of his realization until he is about to be publically called out by the high school paper This novel shows a different side to homosexualit [...]

  23. I felt that Out of the Pocket was a great novel to break typical gender stereotypes and stereotypes about sexual orientation Bobby, the main character, is the quarter back for his high school football team He is gay but exhibits none of the qualities television and other media outlets would have you believe to be essential to all gay men The novel makes a very good attempt to cover the entire teenage experience, not just a LGBTQ teenage experience Bobby is a person and not just a gay football pl [...]

  24. Without having read and loved Openly Straight earlier this year, there is no way that I would have picked up Out of the Pocket I d never run across it in LGBT book lists, and the cover says I am about a struggling football team which makes Christina walk in the other direction tbh Out of the Pocket is an excellent novel about coming out and also about football.My friends who love football stares intently at Gillian will love Out of the Pocket There s a lot of football in here It s a true sports [...]

  25. Bobby Framingham, wow what a great character His whole experience is so beautifully and accurately written by Konigsberg that I felt as if this young man were real I graduated in 2008, when this book was published, and to read it now, at a later stage in my life, was very moving for me because of how real each of his characters actions, reactions, values and dialogue seemed to me At certain points it felt like I was reading about people I had known forever, I was that involved in Bobby s experie [...]

  26. I can see why this is compared a lot to Openly Straight, but the differences were enough that it didn t feel like I was listening to the same story all over again Bobby s a high school senior and starting QB of the football team when he s outed He s also got issues at home unrelated to this that he has to deal with at the same time There was surprisingly little drama Though Bobby has to overcome some prejudices and deal with some homophobes, he s also got a lot of support One thing to note this [...]