The World to Come [PDF] Read ↠ The World to Come : by Jim Shepard - The World to Come, The World to Come Without a doubt the most ambitious story writer in America according to The Daily Beast Jim Shepard now delivers a new collection that spans borders and centuries with unrivaled mastery These ten st

  • Title: The World to Come
  • Author: Jim Shepard
  • ISBN: 9781524731809
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Hardcover

The World to Come

[PDF] Read ↠ The World to Come : by Jim Shepard, The World to Come, Jim Shepard, The World to Come Without a doubt the most ambitious story writer in America according to The Daily Beast Jim Shepard now delivers a new collection that spans borders and centuries with unrivaled mastery These ten stories ring with voices belonging to among others English Arctic explorers in one of history s most nightmarish expeditions a young contemporary American negotiating the Without a do [PDF] Read ↠ The World to Come : by Jim Shepard. [PDF] Read ↠ The World to Come : by Jim Shepard - The World to Come, The World to Come Without a doubt the most ambitious story writer in America according to The Daily Beast Jim Shepard now delivers a new collection that spans borders and centuries with unrivaled mastery These ten st

  • [PDF] Read ↠ The World to Come : by Jim Shepard
    278Jim Shepard
The World to Come
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  1. This short story collection gets 4 stars from me, while I recognize that this is not the book for me I am not a fan of the short story format Helen Ellis being the exception I feel over the past several years, I have given a number of collections a try, but the form annoys me That said, these are interesting, amazing sad stories I did a lot of web searching about the situations and now I want to read about the Arctic, Queensland etc Beautifully written, this collection will no doubt please many [...]

  2. These ten stories remind us what it means to be human, even as we are pushed to the most extreme of circumstances, whether it s stranded in the Atlantic Ocean or back at home, stuck in the Arctic, or dealing with own demons As many of the stories are grounded in real events, I found myself taking the time to research what really happened Humorous when they need to be, each story finds its own unique voice, which is sometimes a rarity in short story collections.

  3. Supongo que habr n visto o le do alguna novela hist rica de perdida algo facilito tipo Ken Follett pero Alguna vez hab an o do hablar de relatos hist ricos No es un g nero muy practicada, a menos que hablemos de ucron as Entonces al tomar esta colecci n de diez cuentos uno parece hallarse con algo totalmente nuevo.Llegu a este libro por recomendaci n de la revista Outside y por el hecho no menor de que hab a sido publicada por Knopf, que Eragon aparte siempre es garant a de calidad Ven a tambi n [...]

  4. Short stories are not my favorite genre, but these 10 stories were captivating I look forward to meeting this author in Manchester VT in May.

  5. Edit here s my chat with Jim at Kirkus kirkusreviews featureI have an interview with Jim forthcoming in Kirkus Review, but I ll say here that this is yet another stellar book from a writer incapable of producing anything else Shepard is a master of the form, and it s never been apparent than in the stories that comprise this collection stories in which Shepard s radical empathy, intellectual acuity, unremitting imagination, and sorcery over language are on full display He makes imprecision of t [...]

  6. What s most impressive about the stories in The World to Come, as in all of Jim Shephard s work, is how detailed and layered the writing can be, without sacrificing a modicum of the deep heart that makes it all so memorable.

  7. A short story collection This is the kind of writer that makes you feel lazy Not only is the writing stunningly good, but almost all maybe all the stories were historical fiction that involved a lot of research, in a wide array of historical periods and locations The style, voice, and range of characters makes it almost hard to believe this is all the same author.There s a 19th century farm woman whose secret lesbian lover is killed by domestic violence and her husband gets away with it , pionee [...]

  8. For some reason I have trouble with short stories I guess they usually leave me wanting This was a Booktopia book, so I thought I would give it a try.Not bad Ten stories, each involves a disaster Maybe I just needed something a little positive right now Been a tough couple of months.

  9. A set of short stories where people are in the most extreme situations stranded in the Arctic ice, piloting the first balloon, in a WWII English submarine, etc Each story is written in the vernacular of the time And each story has a protagonist who is a loner, a loser, not well loved by his or her parents Really strange Some stories are hopeful, others not so much.

  10. 3 stars I was intrigued by Outside Magazine s glowing review of Jim Shepard s new short story collection, The World to Come The expectation of greatness was amplified by the book jacket description These ten stories burst with his wicked sense of humor and incomparable understanding of what it means, and has always meant, to be human The World to Come is the work of a true virtuoso I d say that sets the bar pretty highThe author indeed has a gift for giving his characters distinctive voices He s [...]

  11. It s rare to read a book of short stories where EVERY one knocks your socks off, but this was the case with Jim Shepard s latest collection The Word to Come Despite hearing rave reviews for Shepard s short stories for years, I only recently discovered the author when I finally picked up his excellent novel The Book of Aron last year, and since then I ve been curious to read from him Keeping in line with his flair for engaging historical fiction, Shepard s stories feature captivating snapshots o [...]

  12. Who Needs Pay A hard day s work deserves a fair day s pay A colloquialism held classically for managers, the United States economy holds this operating assumption If the average person works hard, just compensation becomes the result When the company prospers, the employees prosper at an equal rate of advancement Classic motivational carrots and sticks implies that managers and employees alike hold shared interest in the flourishing of the company everyone benefits Even , managers have always fo [...]

  13. Normally, I do not read short stories However, when I saw a review of the book likely from Kirkus and with the words of Colum McCann in his weekly blogs from 2016 in mind, something like read as much as you can, and as varied as you can , I decided to try the book.In any set of stories, it is likely you can find one you enjoy But with this author, there were several that stayed with me well beyond the reading, even from the short number of pages In one case Wall to Wall Counseling I began to won [...]

  14. These stories serve to demonstrate two of Jim Shepard s great passions chronicling historical disasters and conducting research Eight of the ten stories fictionalize real disasters narrated by characters who could have confronted them These stories also contain so much historical detail that they resemble investigative journalism It is obvious that Shepard enjoys his time with original records e.g personal diaries, journals, naval histories, minutes of hearings, and even safety handbooks intende [...]

  15. Jim Shepard is one of my favorite contemporary writers so I was really looking forward to reading The World To Come 2017 and it did not disappoint I think Shepard is especially good at writing historically based short stories in which he does extensive research to give correct period details and there are a number of those types of stories in this collection The first story, Safety Tips for Living Alone is a fictional account of the Texas Tower 4 disaster where all 28 civilians contractors died [...]

  16. Shepard s smirking, ominous message delivered mostly through expertly researched historical fiction is that we re doomed I ve read own all his short story collections and love them Not a sentimental bullshit moment in any of them He seamlessly weaves in spot on, telling historical detail without it ever seeming as if he s showing off And to write the kind of stuff he writes you have to get the details correct He s obsessed with, among other subjects Australia, early sea travel, war, the 19th cen [...]

  17. I m not really one for historical fiction usually but Shepard s assured style and blurb soundbites from other respected authors sustained my curiosity When my attention flagged, I clung to memories and titbits of familiarity The seafaring stories went on a bit too long and the non catastrophes in the present day proved quite dull I m not sure I ll rush to read him again.Notable Stories Safety Tips for Living Alone servicemen left to the mercy of a huge wave is horrifying thought The World to Com [...]

  18. This was such an unusual short story collection many of the stories were set in the past, and the level of specific historical detail was amazing and must have been due to the HUGE list of books that the author listed at the end The style and syntax also matched each historical period no small feat Subjects included military wives, an 1845 Arctic expedition, pioneer women in love, life on a submarine in 1942, and a living through a cyclone in Australia The few contemporary stories were equally g [...]

  19. This book is difficult for me to review Shepard writes beautifully and I loved the language and dialogue and sense of place SPOILER However, every story is filled with anxiety and dread and ends in disaster He is a master at building that dread I just couldn t see the point of having every story in the collection hinge on that A few stories in, I was having to force myself to continue That is not a good reading experience In addition, the characters have active inner lives while often being soci [...]

  20. My second read was even enjoyable than the first, and the stories that were once slippery, like Ocean of Air or Wall to Wall Counseling, opened for me in ways that revealed both craft and intention All of the stories are like this they take two readings like Telemachus or Intimacy to grasp the full achievement of Jim s writing It s one of the reasons I assigned the collection to my upcoming Fiction I students I ll reread it again as we go through it in class It s that damn good.

  21. People who write sad stories tend to write sad stories But these stories are too uniformly sad The writing is good and each seems to capture a different voice Too many of the particulars are the same in each, despite the historical settings The tale of farm wives broke from that mold, and it was also my favorite of the collection Not a coincidence Read this because I really loved the interview Roger Bennett of Men in Blazers did with Shepard.

  22. The first story in this collection was so intense for me I stopped reading it five times because I didn t want to know how it ended, and ended up spacing out a 30 page story for three days And it still worked and was still beautiful and horrible as I was worried it would be.The writing is haunting and poignant This author performs the ultimate magic of short stories, knows just how much to say and not too much These stories are like little pieces of art I highly recommend.

  23. This should have been subtitled, A Sampling of Male Failure Shepard can write beautiful sentences when he wants to Alas, he also seems to enjoy getting into character Since many of his characters are low achievers en route to ironic deaths, the use of first person narrative had the cumulative effect of making this collection a huge downer.

  24. BoringToo few interesting stories in this collection to keep my attention I wanted stop reading several times but wallowed through in the hopes that the next story would be the one to make the book worth my time but, alas,that did not happen.In these, the cold months of the year, I recommend using this book as kindling.

  25. An absolutely incredible collection of short stories Jim Shepard tells the stories of disasters in history in a way that brings out the personal and human side to tragic events It was a pleasure to meet and talk with him at Booktopia VT

  26. Well researched and well written, but ultimately I didn t love it as I did his other works I liked Safety Tips for Living Alone, but the styles of HMS Terror The World to Come made this drag along Maybe it was the timing of so much destruction while I raced toward summer vacation.

  27. Powerful, moving short stories that show the human side of real life disasters through fictional characters Read my full review at bookbybook 2017 0