The Delphi Effect Free Download The Delphi Effect - by Rysa Walker - The Delphi Effect, The Delphi Effect It s never wise to talk to strangers and that goes double when they re dead Unfortunately seventeen year old Anna Morgan has no choice Resting on a park bench touching the turnstile at the Metro sta

  • Title: The Delphi Effect
  • Author: Rysa Walker
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  • Page: 162
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Delphi Effect

Free Download The Delphi Effect - by Rysa Walker, The Delphi Effect, Rysa Walker, The Delphi Effect It s never wise to talk to strangers and that goes double when they re dead Unfortunately seventeen year old Anna Morgan has no choice Resting on a park bench touching the turnstile at the Metro station she never knows where she ll encounter a ghost These mental hitchhikers are the reason Anna has been tossed from one foster home and psychiatric institution to the nexIt s never Free Download The Delphi Effect - by Rysa Walker. Free Download The Delphi Effect - by Rysa Walker - The Delphi Effect, The Delphi Effect It s never wise to talk to strangers and that goes double when they re dead Unfortunately seventeen year old Anna Morgan has no choice Resting on a park bench touching the turnstile at the Metro sta

  • Free Download The Delphi Effect - by Rysa Walker
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The Delphi Effect
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  1. Anna Morgan has spent her life bouncing from home to home with some time out on the streets in between ever since she was abandoned as a toddler with a note claiming she was possessed As Anna got older she has since learned she has an unusual ability to pick up ghostly hitchhikers If she comes across a restless spirit and touches whatever object they are hanging onto she ends up with them inhabiting her body which can sometimes become a struggle for her to keep control herself.When Anna picks up [...]

  2. The Delphi EffectThe Delphi Trilogy, Book 1By Rysa WalkerNarrated by Kate RuddThis was such an awesome book A girl can see and talk with ghosts which has caused problems all her life Sounds like a normal story but it is not This is a fresh take on the theme She tries to help this very insistent ghost From this, it leads to almost getting killed herself Then getting kidnapped It is a fast and furious story with lots of things going on at one time A wonderful cast of characters and a twisted plot [...]

  3. I m not going to rate this because I only made it about halfway through It s not the book s fault, on the contrary, this seems like a good YA book about a girl who picks up ghost hitchhikers The problem is the timing for me I m leaving on a week long cruise tomorrow morning and I ve been too busy and distracted to really give this book a chance Maybe I ll get back to it someday.Don t let the cover of this book throw you off It is not sci fi but paranormal Think teens with powers like X Men.See y [...]

  4. Best young adult novel of 2016 so far Rysa Walker is a new author for me, as I ve never read any of the Chronos Files, even though I ve heard good things This book definitely makes me want to go and read those books, immediately.Seventeen year old Anna has a special gift she can talk to the dead At the age of three, she was left in a food court with a note taped to her, that simply read her name, date of birth and this child is possessed Since then, she has grown up in various foster homes, frie [...]

  5. Anna is seventeen, veteran of many foster home situations some bad, some okay, most indifferent along with her younger adoptive brother Deo the two having adopted each other, as they have little else to count on in their lives Except for Dr Kelsey, a therapist who not only listens, but believes what Anna tells her, and goes the extra mile to see to her safety, as well as Deo s.Oh, and Anna gets hitched by ghosts.The latest ghost, a murdered girl named Molly, is frantic for Anna to get a message [...]

  6. 1 6 18 Kindle Daily Deal 1.99 I ll admit I snagged this one mostly on the strength of the author s name I ve already read previous books by Rysa Walker, and very much enjoyed them From the blurb it sounds potentially interesting, but not particularly original But I trusted the author, and I m glad I did Anna Morgan is a seventeen year old who is jaded by the foster care system She also has the ability to communicate with the dead However in this story her communication is facilitated by a dead p [...]

  7. I don t even remember requesting this book I certainly didn t remember what it was about I knew it was Sci Fi, mostly because it looks like it s Sci Fi, but for some reason that synopsis wouldn t stay in my head I would forget the premise moments after reading the blurb I actually feel bad about it What s funny is that I m pretty sure I requested this book because I thought the synopsis didn t fit the cover There s nothing on the cover that says this book is about a girl that can host spirits I [...]

  8. Rysa Walker has done it again The CHRONOS Files was an awesome time travel series, but she s managed to follow it up with the first book in a new series that promises to be even better The Delphi Effect is so incredibly creative that I couldn t put it down This is not your average book about people with abilities Mostly because the main character s ability is that ghost co inhabit her body and talk to her But trust me, it gets WAY cooler, I just don t want to spoil anything for you You ll love t [...]

  9. I had no idea what this book was about when I started reading it, but I loved Rysa Walker s Chronos Files, so I was pretty sure I would like this one also.I was totally wrong I didn t like this story, I LOVED it.And I kind of don t want to give you a synopsis of the story either, so that you can grab it and be surprised the way I was.All I can say is that this book was so, so, so, so good.It was exciting, creative, mysterious, adventurous, thrilling.Do I have your attention I will tell you this [...]

  10. I beta read this book a few months ago Really great premise Full review to come after I read the final copy 9 28 16 Update I finished the ARC tonight so my review is below.I am a huge Rysa Walker fan and I was extremely excited when I learned she was working on a brand new sci fi paranormal series I loved her Chronos Files books, novellas, and short stories and have read them all at least twice So when I picked up The Delphi Effect, for me, the bar was set pretty high because of Timebound and I [...]

  11. I absolutely loved this book Anna Morgan is a great character, and her ability is pretty unique and interesting Not so much in that she can talk to ghosts, but the specifics of her ability is something I hadn t heard of before This book also has plenty of suspense and mystery, something I always love in my reads Not to mention government conspiracies, secret agencies, paranormal activity, twists and turns, and a little romance sprinkled in Can t wait for the next in the series

  12. Manchmal schleicht sich ein Buch ganz still und heimlich um UND HAUT EINEN VOLL UND GANZ VOM HOCKER Wow, riesen Wow Das tollste an diesem Buch war, dass es relativ langsam angefangen hat und schleichend an Fahrt aufnahm und immer mehr und dann sa ich die letzten paar Stunden da wie festgeklebt und habe gelesen und konnte nicht mehr aufh ren Es hat die perfekte Mischung von allemDer Mysteryteil F r sich allein war er nichts Besonderes und h tte nicht ein ganzes Buch tragen k nnen, aber mit dem ga [...]

  13. I was given a preview copy of this book because I m a friend of the author as well as a big fan of her work I applaud her venturing outside her comfort zone since the Chronos Files and believe me, you don t need to fear making the journey with her Rysa is an accomplished author and this is why Tension She really knows how to grip you with characters and situations that not only grab you but pull you along for the ride Enjoy the brief moments of rest that the characters get because that s all you [...]

  14. I m not going to rate this because I tripped up over a personal preference The first 60% was outstanding and I enjoyed it greatly The characters, the plot, the interpersonal dynamics were all right up my alley I particularly liked Anna and her struggle to deal with her ghost hitchhikers This felt so well fleshed out that I engaged almost immediately and couldn t wait to learn And her friendship with Deo was outstanding with lots of juicy layers to explore I particularly liked that Anna had a co [...]

  15. I read and loved the Chronos Files by Rysa Walker and so I was so excited to get a chance to read and review the beginning of her next trilogy While this trilogy is not about time travel darn , it is about another subject that I love, paranormal gifts I call them gifts because I would not mind having them However, I guess it depends on the giftThis trilogy starts out just as good as Walker s other one One, she is able to make such loveable main characters 17 year old Anna was left in a mall food [...]

  16. An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 3.5 stars This book definitely did a lot of things right I liked all the interpersonal relationships, friendships, sibling like bonds, and the light romance And honestly, why this book worked was because the romance was there but it was kept to a blessed and much needed minimum The driving force behind so many of Anna s actions are her foster brother And we had a lot going on taking down a rapist tra [...]

  17. I am a huge Rysa Walker fan and I was extremely excited when I learned she was working on a brand new sci fi paranormal series I loved her Chronos Files books, novellas, and short stories and have read them all at least twice So when I picked up The Delphi Effect, for me, the bar was set pretty high because of Timebound and I wasn t sure how Rysa would meet my expectations Well, Rysa exceeded those for sure When I met Anna, a 17 year old teenager who s had a rough life having grown up in the fos [...]

  18. I received an Advanced Reader s Copy from the publisher via NetGalley in the exchange for my honest review This has not influenced my opinion in any way It suffices to say that for a book to still manage to be amazing even with prior high expectations, that book is seriously a great one And The Delphi Effect did not disappoint Alright, so For those skeptical readers thinking that the synopsis sounds awfully familiar, let me just nip this in the bud it is familiar No lie But Rysa Walker s take on [...]

  19. 4.5 stars for The Delphi Effect I must have to say, this story is MUCH BETTER than I thought at first.It s filled with the elements of si fi, mystery, a little bit action, also having some paranormal power I really enjoy with this book Not only it has some brand new idea about paranormal story, but also brings me lots of excitement and fun Anna Morgan is a teenage girl who has paranormal power of hearing some dead people whispering in her head Sometimes there will some spirits stuck in her mind, [...]

  20. You know that stories where a person gets inhabited by a spirit so that said spirit can do that one last important task This starts off like that Then it gets weird Like X Files conspiracy theory government cover up weird It s a good thing Anna has the ability to communicate with the dead And for her whole life she hasn t had much choice in the matter Her most recent hitcher died badly and in an attempt to say goodbye Anna upsets some people with some very unique abilities.For myself, I liked th [...]

  21. The Delphi Effect is a well written sci fi, paranormal mystery Anna is a 17 year old with the unusual skill of picking up the souls of the deceased They share her brain in a way and can take control of her body, so she builds mental walls in her brain to keep them from taking over and to prevent losing her sanity Once they move on leave, she is left with all of their memories, including of life occurrences, of facts and of physical skills e.g driving, riding a bike, ice skating She has been in t [...]

  22. Anna Morgan s got voices in her head, but they re not a sign of mental illness, they re ghosts who take up residence Anna doesn t seem to have a choice about picking up these hitchhikers, and they re darned persistent, expecting her to give last messages to their loved ones or finish business they didn t complete Anna doesn t love her special skill, but she s used to it, and she s learned how to achieve what she needs to to help her hitchhikers pass on She thought she had, anyway, until a hitchh [...]

  23. Pre Reading July 25th, 2016 This is why I have no self control on Netgalleye I see a book by Rysa Walker and I have to fan girl squee This is what I ve been dying for ever since the Chronos series ended I love Rysa s books and she is probably my absolute favorite writer that s alive still writing today Squee Thank God for my auto approval from Skyscape Review, August 9, 2015Gonna have to gather my thoughts Full review later.

  24. Anna Morgan is seventeen and can talk to the dead They come to her at odd times when she touches something they once touched They stick with her until they ve satisfied some unanswered need from their time in life and when that is accomplished they leave After they leave she retains their memories Sometimes that s a good thing In one case, that of a killer, she s had to wall those memories off so that they can t run free in her mind.Now she s getting messages from the dead granddaughter of a for [...]

  25. 4.75 Audiobook One can never go wrong with the duo of Rysa Walker and Kate Rudd I learned that listening lesson last year when hearing The Chronos Files and it still holds true for The Delphi Effect.I d had my eye on this particular title before it was even released simply because of Walker and Rudd The synopsis further convinced me that The Delphi Effect was something I had to hear It s a rare audiobook that s able to stand up to my personal expectations, but this one definitely did.The Delphi [...]

  26. I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This one was hard to rate I kept going between three and four stars I really enjoyed it but I still know that it had its issues but because of the fact that I really enjoyed it I have decided on four stars.I ve read from Rysa Walker before and have enjoyed everything I ve read But this book is by far my favorite of hers The story is one that I love reading about and when it s done realistically it makes me love it even I don t se [...]

  27. What an excellent read this was I ve read Rysa Walker before Timebound, the first in the Chronos Files series I enjoyed it, but didn t love it, which surprised me since I am normally a huge fan of time travel stories and the plotline characters were intriguing Something about it felt a little off to me, though, but not so far so that I wasn t curious about the author s latest series I am SO exceedingly glad I wasn t put off, because The Delphi Effect was extraordinary The writing was excellent, [...]

  28. NetGalley Copy in Exchange for an honest reviewAnna is a normal 17 year old teenager.No, scratch that.She s not.She can hear the dead s voices, inside her head, and sometimes, they can take over her body to communicate with the living Molly is one of those echoes ghosts , and she has been brutally murdered This simple fact leads Anna on a quest to find and punish her murderer, with all the consequences and challenges to face There are books you read and they feel okay and there are books that su [...]

  29. Thanks to NetGalley and Skyscape for providing me with an ARC of this book.I enjoyed the author s previous trilogy and was looking forward to reading this as well It definitely didn t disappoint I found it fast paced, exciting, and with relatable characters The underlying premise sort of an X men psychic thing was really fun and somehow comes across as somewhat believable The main character is a strong young woman, and the rest of the characters are well developed also I enjoyed the sense of fam [...]

  30. ARC received from publisher via NetGalley4 4.5 stars I loved The Chronos Files series so I was so excited to read The Delphi Effect and it was AMAZING Teenager with powers, covert organization, a dash of romance, and fantastic secondary characters, the book was non stop action I mean, seriously, I could not put it down It was two in the morning and I needed to go to sleep but I just had to keep reading Rysa Walker is definitely an auto buy author for me My only complaint is that I wanted a bit [...]