Shadowfall Shadowfall Best Download || [James Clemens] - Shadowfall, Shadowfall Four millennia have passed since the hundred immortal gods came to Myrillia Out of chaos they created the Nine Lands blessed with their Graces and protected from the nightmarish Hinterlands where ro

  • Title: Shadowfall
  • Author: James Clemens
  • ISBN: 9780451460509
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Ebook


Shadowfall Best Download || [James Clemens], Shadowfall, James Clemens, Shadowfall Four millennia have passed since the hundred immortal gods came to Myrillia Out of chaos they created the Nine Lands blessed with their Graces and protected from the nightmarish Hinterlands where rogue gods stalked across a barbarous wilderness In all this time nothing has disturbed the peace of the Nine Lands Until now For the impossiblee unthinkablehas happeFour millennia have passe Shadowfall Best Download || [James Clemens]. Shadowfall Best Download || [James Clemens] - Shadowfall, Shadowfall Four millennia have passed since the hundred immortal gods came to Myrillia Out of chaos they created the Nine Lands blessed with their Graces and protected from the nightmarish Hinterlands where ro

  • Shadowfall Best Download || [James Clemens]
    415James Clemens
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  1. There s some really ynteresting world bylding yn thys, and the idea of the characters ys good But the karakteryzations themselves are less than full and the plot, while solyd, ysn t extraordynary The pages dyd blow by, though I would have liked fewer sylly spellyngs Just styking a y yn your wyrds doesn t make thym fantastikal, okayyyy

  2. A man witnesses the murder of a god and is falsely accused of doing the deed He must prove his innocence and, of course, uncovers a deeper, darker plot.The setting is that of a world inhabited by gods, substantial beings that people can see and interact with The chief difference between gods and mortals, other than basic immortality, is that their bodily fluids are magical ALL their fluids, including yellow and black bile In fact, most of the world s technology is based on the utilization of the [...]

  3. Full review originally at Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEW ANALYSIS We begin with Shadowfall, the first chronicle of the Godslayer wherein we are introduced to Tylar De Noche, a fallen shadowknight and also a cripple, broken in mind, body and spirit After some shady dealings in his past, he has had to pay an exorbitant price that has taken a toll on his life, relationship and mental status He happens to witness something so bizarre that it basically triggers another painful turn of events that will [...]

  4. In Brief A decent fantasy novel with a good mystery and an interesting premise.Shadowfall takes place in a world where the gods are bound to specific lands, and their bodily fluids drive the magic of the world The story follows three different protagonists a fallen knight who witnesses the murder of a goddess and gets wrapped up in larger events, a young girl who acts as a handmaiden to one of the gods, and another knight dealing with the politics of her order These three explore different aspec [...]

  5. In Myrillia the gods live between the humans A hundred of them settled and claimed their land, and made their Grace flow into it The solitaries live far away, in barbaric land Then, one day, one of the Hundred is killed And Tylar de Noche is falsely accused of the slaying of a god.We follow Tylar in his journey to clean his name The story starts off very slow, especially since there are a lot of characters introduced pretty early on The strength of this book is that it ties up all these characte [...]

  6. THIS MY BE A SPOILER BUT I RECOMMEND READING THIS BEFORE YOU TRY THE BOOK view spoiler this book is disgusting right in the beginning one of the characters, a thirteen year old girl, is raped, one good thing is her invisible guard dog bites off the guys dick and his nuts with one bite but the book doesn t get better, people in the book worship gods and goddess the servants of said gods and goddess watch over there 7 bodily fluids which are saliva, sweat, blood, sexual liquids, tears, and of cour [...]

  7. Dropping this book 4 chapters in It s disgusting, literally bile inducing In the 2nd chapter, a 13 year old girl is raped in a very graphic way The main hero used to be a knight but for his crimes he was broken on the wheel and sold into slavery The acolytes serving the 100 gods take care of and store their god s bodily fluids and smear them all over themselves and I m talking shit and menses blood and stuff like that Just thinking of that makes me want to vomit So when I started the 5th chapter [...]

  8. Shadowfall is a mixed bag of an epic fantasy novel that doesn t quite live up to the hype bestowed upon it by some of the impressive blurbs on the front and back cover of the novel The basic concept of the story is that gods have settled over the lands of Myrillia When one of these gods is killed, fallen knight Tylar de Noche is thrust into the middle of it, when the dying god inserts her essence into Tylar Hunted down, he is determined to find out just what is going on Meanwhile, an insurgent g [...]

  9. It started well and was interesting for the first few chapters.en it became tedious the halfway pint I was waiting for it to end

  10. I just finished reading Shadowfall Book One in the Godslayer Chronicles, by James Clemens What a truly dark, foreboding, albeit magical world this book is At times it was hard to distinguish hero from protagonist by their actions Just a literary reminder that there is good and evil inside all of us Which way we turn is a dilemma we face every day A lot of writers think writing a fantasy story is easy Come on, it s fantasy You can make anything up But, a good writer knows that what you make up ha [...]

  11. In a genre fit to bursting with divine wars and magic Knights, Clemens walks familiar territory with the first book in his new series Godslayer But, with a deft hand, he weaves a tale that has far originality than is at first apparent.In the world of Myrillia, the gods walk amongst men 4,000 years ago, the Heavens were Sundered during the War of the Gods and they fell to the earth Binding themselves to the land to offset the madness that was falling upon them, the Gods are confined to the kingd [...]

  12. 7.5 10Before picking up this book I was a bit skeptical because James Clemens is an author that hasn t been heard a lot in the Fantasy genre, as he usually writes under his second pen name James Rollins for his crime mystery novels but I was somewhat surprised to find out that he has actually created a very interesting world building even though it isn t flawless.The story follows Tylar, a former Shadowknight, as he tries to start a new life and try to forget the memories of his past deeds But w [...]

  13. Millenia ago, there was a war between the gods Something during the war not only shattered the kingdom of the gods, but also shattered the gods themselves This sundering caused each god s individual self to separate into three distinct parts aether, naether and physical.The physical aspects of the gods landed on Myrillia crazed by the sundering, the gods wrought havoc among the Myrillians until it was discovered that binding themselves to the land would end their madness 100 gods chose to bind t [...]

  14. Note Review I did on in 06 so it s kinda dated nowAfter the Sundering, gods fell to the barbaric world of man Chaos and war reigned for centuries until the gods bonded themselves to the different lands Then, with their powerful Graces, they bring the world back from the brink, and help mankind to build great cities Now civilization spreads to all but the Hinterlands, where the crazed, rogue gods rule But through the years a darkness starts to grow, stirring the winds of war All out conflict betw [...]

  15. As general rules of thumbs go, you can t do much better than to be wary of fiction that includes the portentous phrase So it begins , or variants thereof Shadowfall has it no less than twice in the first 100 pages.Here s the obligatory synopsis In Myrillia, a world run by a 100 gods, Tylar de Noche is a disgraced Shadowknight sub Jedi dudes with fancy cloaks But when he is witness to the first ever slaying of one of these gods, a whole load of holy black bile see below hits the proverbial Soon T [...]

  16. Why I am reading this In the mood for a good epic fantasy.My thoughts Lets just start this out by saying it is a very dark book So people that do not like that in a book, will not like this at all Not sure I would let a young child read this Mostly due to the fact, that in the first 75 pages there is murder, torture, and even rape That is not something that I normally like in a book, because of how hard it is to execute It is such a touchy topic with most people with damn good reason it can come [...]

  17. My initial reaction to this book was, Holy shit, I guess I m going to become a sword and sourcery nerd now , instead of sticking mainly to sci fi with the exception of Robert E Howard s Conan My initial reaction was soon quelled by the middle of the book where it seemed that Clemens was beginning to fabricate encounters and recreate encounters for the main character, Tylar, that he had already been through in some of the previous pages Its ambition became a setback because of the massive amount [...]

  18. The main draw of Shadowfall is its distinctive magic system, and rightly so With the basis of all magic stemming from the bodily humors of gods, Clemens presents a system that I honestly don t think I ve ever seen used elsewhere That said, the rest of it isn t always of the same quality.There are constantly times when the characters are stymied over the meaning of something, or the significance of a plot development, and as a reader, I was way ahead of them with the notable exception of the big [...]

  19. It s hard for me to say anything unequivocally good about this fantasy novel The magic system is strikingly original, but it also leads to some serious Ewwww moments, particularly the very last scene of the book The idea of gods dwelling among humans and granting people the essence of their magic is sort of neat, but the gods themselves seem pretty lame not well organized or wise or even clever, but actually pretty stupid or incompetent Almost every chapter shows off some magical effect of inter [...]

  20. My sentiments toward Shadowfall are strangely indefinite, because even as my emotions toward it vacillate, I never think its anything but a good book This, if anything, is its only real flaw, a weak emotional connection to the characters and story Don t misunderstand, there is an emotional connect, its just slow to form and hampered by a cast of characters that are a little too mellow, that wallow in guilt a little too much It should be mentioned, that Shadowfall does exhibit one trope of the fa [...]

  21. So Typically, Swords and Sorcery aren t up my alley There are definite shining exceptions, and Robert E Howard s Conan novels were my gateway to all SF Other notables include Tolkien, Moorcock and Marion Zimmer Bradley s Mists of Avalon My girlfriend found this for me at a book swap, and I must say it is a gem This is a well wrought pot boiler with a stable setting, good prose, and a tight plot Clemens covers his tracks, ties up loose ends and the old timey dialog used in most fantasy doesn t c [...]

  22. Average Typical storyline, very predictable author does have a nice handling of the story which keeps the reader from being completely bored.

  23. OK, so reviewed a while after I ve read the book but, despite a page of notes, most of the characters and plot of Shadowfall have largely passed me by not a memorable read then and obviously the reason for my I did not like it rating.Set in a world populated by Gods and mere mortals none of whose names I can remember though I do recall a crippled Shadowknight, an orphan become handmaiden Dart and a thief many of whom are hands to the various Gods Gods who are magical, made all powerful by their [...]

  24. Having never heard of James Clemens, I admit I was skeptical of picking this book from the shelf At the end of the night, I m glad I did This book is everything I wanted it to be and .For the past few days, I ve been held at the edge of my seat I ve kept the lights on and continued to read long after I should have been asleep The tension and action in this novel is nothing short of breathtaking, each new page drawing the reader deeper in.Clemens does a masterful job of developing his characters, [...]

  25. Na zijn geweldige serie Verboden Verbannen te hebben gelezen, kon ik deze serie toch ook niet laten liggen.In het begin was het verhaal erg vreemd en verwarrend, met allerlei woorden dingen die pas later werden uitgelegd dat gevoel had ik trouwens ook in het begin van VV Na 35 pagina s gelezen te hebben, toch weer even weggelegd om in een ander boek te beginnen Daarna dit boek weer opgepakt voor een nieuwe betere poging Langzaam komt er een beetje structuur en duidelijkheid in het verhaal, en da [...]

  26. The protagonist of Shadowfall is a disgraced Shadowknight who is falsely accused of the murder of a goddess Since the dying goddess bestowed a blessing on the knight this is taken as proof that he killed the goddess to gain her powers During the protagonist s quest to clear his name, he discovers that the ancient war that exiled the gods to his world is starting to heat up again He also encounters a mysterious secret organization that appears to be running a number of insidious plots It also tur [...]

  27. Premier livre que je lis de cet auteur et je ne suis vraiment pas d ue De la bonne fantasy avec une originalit , les Dieux sont sur terre et ont chacun leur royaume dont ils b nissent les sujets avec les Gr ces contenues dans leurs humeurs comprendre fluides corporels Des dieux faits chairs et os la place des rois, une id e plut t sympathique entrainant toute une mythologie qui m a bien plu.Les personnages sont pour le moins attachants surtout la petite Fl chette qui a t un grand coup de c ur po [...]