The Last Of The Savages ✓ The Last Of The Savages Ë Jay McInerney - The Last Of The Savages, The Last Of The Savages From the bestselling author of Bright Lights Big City and Brightness Falls comes a chronicle of a generation as enacted by two men who represent all the passions and extremes of the class of Pa

  • Title: The Last Of The Savages
  • Author: Jay McInerney
  • ISBN: 9780140233063
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Book

The Last Of The Savages

✓ The Last Of The Savages Ë Jay McInerney, The Last Of The Savages, Jay McInerney, The Last Of The Savages From the bestselling author of Bright Lights Big City and Brightness Falls comes a chronicle of a generation as enacted by two men who represent all the passions and extremes of the class of Patrick Keane and Will Savage meet at prep school at the beginning of the explosive s Over the next years they remain friends even as they pursue radically divergent deFrom ✓ The Last Of The Savages Ë Jay McInerney. ✓ The Last Of The Savages Ë Jay McInerney - The Last Of The Savages, The Last Of The Savages From the bestselling author of Bright Lights Big City and Brightness Falls comes a chronicle of a generation as enacted by two men who represent all the passions and extremes of the class of Pa

  • ✓ The Last Of The Savages Ë Jay McInerney
    105Jay McInerney
The Last Of The Savages
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  1. The act of friendship is God s way of apologizing for our families That s how this lovely book starts, and by the end, I was thoroughly confused and amazed as to why this isn t considered a modern classic I was truly affected by this novel, so much so that I read the book twice straight through I even got emotional Both times.This powerful novel follows Patrick Keane and his 30 year friendship with John, the last in a line of rebellious southern gentlemen surnamed Savage The plot clearly borrows [...]

  2. I was prepared to be underwhelmed by this one, I like most of McInerney s work, but sometimes such as with Model Behavior his novels leave you feeling uh huh, and So a novel about two baby boomer prep school boys growing up and apart didn t seem like a great idea.I forgot though that all of McInerney s novels work at the very least because of the language Other writers in his generation may arguably be better storytellers or have a better grasp on the pulse of the nation and popular trends but h [...]

  3. Really builds revealing itself in its final chapters A powerful and unique novel that stands apart from McInerney s other work It s a slow read in some ways and it relies on summary than probably any book I ve read, but manages to poignantly cover three plus decades in a man s life in less than 300 pages and much of the story is concerned with the protagonist s best friend, Will Savage and Will s father Cordell I thought that the most well drawn relationship was between Cordell and our narrator [...]

  4. I absolutely had no idea what to expect, I d never read any other book written by this author and I was kind of pleasantly surprised The story handles many topics like the strangeness of friendship, family, rebellion, looking for conformity, love, bi racial relationships and racism Some of those topics I could easily relate to and touched me, but there are also a lot of funny moments that made me laugh The story is easy to read, written in a pleasant way and set in mainly Memphis where I have be [...]

  5. I haven t read a Jay McInerney novel since college, but I recently picked up The Last of the Savages at a used bookshop It proved to be a good diversion It is the life story of two friends from dissimilar backgrounds that met in prep school and represent two distinct lifestyles through the turbulent 60s, 70s, and 80s The southern bred RB producer star maker Will Savage, who is from a Southern family with skeletons in the closet, and Patrick Keane a scholarship boy from a lower class Boston famil [...]

  6. For some reason, I ve read a lot of this guys books and no Bret Easton Ellis, go figure I didn t like this one as much as the others, the first half felt like an essay on race relations in the south in the sixties, the characters were just convenient players used to explore the themes in the book I did not find that I could really get behind Savage as a compelling character, I just had to take the narrator s word for it that he was charismatic and interesting The narrator, Patrick, turned out to [...]

  7. the first 2 3 of this book is really good, draws you in and tells a compelling story with well formed intriguing characters and the last 1 2 is mediocre the tone becomes preachy, and he loses conficence that you can draw the obvious connections yourself and takes all the fun out of it not terrible, but disappointing.

  8. I thought McInerney may take a politically correct stance here.Why would I think that I don t know It s just that so many authors are prepared to sacrifice the real story for something socially acceptable.He doesn t and the book is brilliant.

  9. I like jay s books this is the 3rd one i have read and i have two in line i enjoyed this and the comparisons to fitzgerald seem appropriate it is as if f.s.f lived longer and became experienced and mature i always like books about schools, prep, yale one character reminded me of aretha franklin and another of sean combs the people reremain life long friends , staying friends through troubles and good times.

  10. The story of how two friends meet, build, and rebuild their friendship over the course of their lives drew me in immediately The Mississippi Delta, Memphis, and New York, were interwoven as much as the characters lives Not too much southern drawl, nor too much hostility of NYC the book s language was fluid and rich I m glad that I picked this up and didn t put it off any longer.

  11. 3.5 stars Nice read by the author of Bright Lights, Big City The novel starts as a northerner becomes the roommate of a boy from Mississippi at a prep school The southerner really captured my interest He is Will Savage a rebel The story takes place in the latter part of the 20th century, with Will showing how he loves the blues and later on becomes a producer in the rock n roll industry It might have been trite but I got hooked by his obsession with music and the black singers hidden away in juk [...]

  12. A fine novel by an author I m belatedly beginning to appreciate Though less than 300 pages long it s densely written with a number of underlying themes The main narrative is a lifelong relationship between two roommates, the polar opposite of each other yet each determined to maintain the friendship, however fractious and fragmented Though covering 30 years the book majors on the formative 5 6 years as both men struggle to find their way in the world one a fearless southern visionary and instinc [...]

  13. Sometimes I m surprised by what I find in my own little library I ve tried to make a list of everything I own, has helped with that endeavor but I have so far failed at being complete The Last of the Savages is one of those curious books, I found it the other week I don t remember buying it, nor why, but the sticker on the back revealed that I had bought it used at a Long s Drug store Not my typical place to purchase books, so another surprise Perhaps I picked it up because it was something outs [...]

  14. Patrick Keane and Will Savage come together by pure chance as they find themselves roommates at a New England boarding school in 1967 Different in many respects, Patrick from a somewhat ordinary background, a local scholarship boy Will from a wealthy, privileged and notable Southern States family, yet with an affinity with black soul music and blacks.The story, related by Patrick, spans thirty years of their unusual friendship They have no doubt they are best friends, and keep in touch throughou [...]

  15. I found this book depressing and not in a thought provoking way The narrator is Patrick Keane, a man of Boston Irish heritage He propels himslef through prep school and the Ivy League in hopes of a staid upper class exsistence A prepetual square, Patrick errs on the side of safety in all things This includes supressing his homosexual urges and forever living in the closet His prep school best friend, Will Savage, is from the old money South Will is as unconventional as Patrick is status quo A mu [...]

  16. This novel tells the story of two friends who meet as roommates in the 1960 s at a New England prep school, one Will Savage is from a privledged Memphis family, the other Patrick Keane a scholarship kid from Massachusetts The novel charts their friendship over three decades, as Patrick pursues academia and law school but Will chooses to become a music mogul, charting the records of R B artists of the south It s an unlikely friendship that battles Will s temperment and drug escapes and Patrick s [...]

  17. I picked up this book at a used bookshop and was intrigued by the premise the 30 year friendship of two very different men who meet as boys at a prep school I started optimistically and was rewarded with several interesting turns of phrase in the first part of the book There was also some nostalgia involved as the protagonist receives his undergraduate degree in the late 1960s However, as the book wore on, I wore out It seemed like an endless loop tape on several levels the characters moved forw [...]

  18. I really enjoyed this book You get quite a bit of familiar McInerney territory think New England elites, yes their lives are screwed up just like everyone else but you also get a view into the South that is well observed and fascinating McInerney lives in Franklin, TN now, or did when the book came out, and you can see he hasn t wasted his time there I found several eerie parallels between the characters here and my own experiences in high school and college, so I enjoyed it with an intensity th [...]

  19. I nostri desideri sono insaziabili e infiniti solo dominandoli ci guadagniamo il diritto alla felicit O, se non proprio alla felicit , almeno alla pace, perch in fondo la ricerca della felicit mi sembra un credo troppo crudele e vano, un inganno atroce perpetrato contro l inesperienza della socit civile Ci si sceglie dunque una vita cos cos , un a cos cos , un lavoro cos cos e si uccidono i sogni, la rivoluzione, l utopia, l a Bravo disincantato narratore che si tiene la parte dell antieroe e la [...]

  20. This book covers 20 30 years of the life of 2 friends who meet in college, the narrator an in the closet homosexual and his wild music producer friend This book tackles drugs use, racism, rock and roll, the south, the north, white collar blue collar It s been a while since I read it, but it has deepness to it, and very 60 s to 80 s 90 s almost TV mini series quality of those in the 80 s of the projectory of the idealist youth of the 60 s to the drugged out burnt out and bitter person of the 80 s [...]

  21. I have a major thing for 80s literary brat pack fiction, but Jay McInerney sank to new lows with this one I have a thing about finishing books I start they have to suck on a The Devil Wears Prada level for me to actually put them down I made it through less than a chapter of that book before throwing it across the room, then donating it to a charity since I could never bring myself to actually throw a book away But man, this one is close The knowledge that I spent 5 on it is really what is got m [...]

  22. I picked this up in the secondhand part of my favourite bookshop whilst killing time before catching my traini loved this cover and whether i should admit this or not, i do tend to be drawn towards books with cool covers Anyhow i really fell in love with this book, such a beautiful story set in the hot dusty American Southpossibly one of THE best setting for any literaturecially if you can capture it well and McInerney sure does succeed Might use it for an a level text

  23. I m not sure characters can get any cliche than the characters in The Last of the Savages How many times have we heard this story Poor but smart kid goes to prep school and then ivy league college and tries to forget his humble upbringing and fit in Rich but nonconformist kid befriends him while rejecting his own upbringing The two grow apart and yet remain friends Oh, and it is set against the turbulent back drop of the 1960s 1970s.

  24. I enjoyed the novel loved the historical context and was quite fascinated like everyone else in the novel, it seems by Will Patrick was endearing, though he irritated me quite a bit at times too except for the ending, where I loved the man he d become I felt a bit sad for him, but he seemed to have come to peace with his life, so I also felt I had no right to be.Anyway, I enjoyed the novel and will probably seek other books by this author.

  25. Overall, an engrossing read, which is a bit traditional than other McInerney novels I ve read A saga which spans three decades, this book examines identity how it can be manufactured, discovered and denied and aside from some of Will s pretentious extravagances, which can feel both overblown and hackneyed, the four or so main protagonists come to life.

  26. I dug itI needed a good buddy book currently teaching Huck Finn and about to startOn the Roadwith my juniors and seniors and this certainly fit the bill Plus, after a pretty steady diet of Ian McEwan for the past few months, it was nice to read something so American.

  27. I like how Jay McInerney tells a story This one had a lot history than Bright Lights, but the characters were just as interesting I liked seeing the Civil Rights Movement and the economic distortions through the two main characters lives Occasionally I felt like a little too much was piled in, however.

  28. Typical of the prep school ivy league fantasy teenage life I never came close to having or wanting, I guess Normally I m a total sucker for this stuff, but this one was too broad reaching w the whole 60 s thing Started to feel like a really long Wonder Years episode.

  29. Obviously I read the book because of the title Still, it was an amusing summer read The author writes wine reviews for Town Country, which goes a long way toward explaining the cultivated diction, despite topics like rock roll, drugs, Southern life, and a blue collar upbringing.