Kit's Wilderness ð Kit's Wilderness ☆ David Almond - Kit's Wilderness, Kit s Wilderness The Printz Award winning classic gets a new look The Watson family moves to Stoneygate an old coal mining town to care for Kit s recently widowed grandfather When Kit meets John Askew another boy w

  • Title: Kit's Wilderness
  • Author: David Almond
  • ISBN: 9780440416050
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback

Kit's Wilderness

ð Kit's Wilderness ☆ David Almond, Kit's Wilderness, David Almond, Kit s Wilderness The Printz Award winning classic gets a new look The Watson family moves to Stoneygate an old coal mining town to care for Kit s recently widowed grandfather When Kit meets John Askew another boy whose family has both worked and died in the mines Askew invites Kit to join him in playing a game called Death As Kit s grandfather tells him stories of the mine s past andThe Printz ð Kit's Wilderness ☆ David Almond. ð Kit's Wilderness ☆ David Almond - Kit's Wilderness, Kit s Wilderness The Printz Award winning classic gets a new look The Watson family moves to Stoneygate an old coal mining town to care for Kit s recently widowed grandfather When Kit meets John Askew another boy w

  • ð Kit's Wilderness ☆ David Almond
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Kit's Wilderness
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  1. Two hours to read this book, on a whim, because I ve had free time and wanted to read something short in one sitting Two hours to captivate me, pull me into an enchanting story, and rip out my heart, naturally This book has turned me into a crying mess, but it s also one that has resonated with me so much, the messages speaking directly to my heart.David Almond is an author from my area, who wrote Skellig, a great childhood favourite of mine I got to attend a talk and then meet him while I was a [...]

  2. Everybody s got the seam of goodness in them, Kit, said Grandpa Just a matter of whether it can be found and brought out into the light Kit s Wilderness is an eerie, dreamlike novel, permeating with a feeling of sadness and loss It is, at times, a rather dark book as I was reading it I was reminded of Robert Cormier s work, though his novels are definitely much darker and ultimately depressing, whereas Kit s Wilderness is ultimately hopeful and beautiful.The novel begins with 13 year old Christo [...]

  3. Kit s Wilderness I wonder how many times I ve seen this title and assumed it was an American Girl book Truly a shame This has been out for 15 years 15 years that I could have carried Kit and his story with me It almost eluded me once again, when I noticed the author, David Almond, I knew that name A sudden surge, like a warm fuzzie or a premenopausal hot flash overcame me Skellig Yes Now, I remember.David Almond has this incredible talent His voice He rambles, he doesn t use paragraphs, his dial [...]

  4. in a sentence A story based journey with Kit Watson through the semi dream semi reality experience in his family s hometown during his Grandfather s final times.The story begins simply enough, with the coming home again to support a Grandfather during the loss of his Grandmother We journey with Kit as he starts a new school, meets new people, and uncovers a plethora of family history within this small town that goes back hundreds of years There is a genuine goodness in Kit, and a strong desire t [...]

  5. This book is amazing the story is creative very dark and dappled with light throughout and moved towards a wonderful creative ending The story is original and wonderfully crafted together, showing the brilliance of David Almond writing skills After reading Skellig I thought how could David Almond ever match this book, but he proved me wrong he not only matched it he may have just surpassed it As the story progresses Kit the main character in the book starts to write a story that links into the m [...]

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  7. Somehow David Almond is able to craft stories that are both dark and meaningful, deep and beautiful I can t imagine a kid falling in love with this story right away Rather, it seems like a story that lends itself to examination, lots of thought and discussion.

  8. The best phrase I can think of to describe this story is somewhat paradoxical darkly sublime It s so rich throughout, I don t think my words can come close to doing it justice here My sister recommended that I read it after quoting a writing expert who said this book is a master class on how to create tone I wholeheartedly agree.In his appended author s note, David Almond writes I think that stories are living things among the most important things in the world He certainly practices this philos [...]

  9. I do not even know where to begin with how much I love this book Mr Almond really speaks to my heart Small England coal mining town, ancestors, major supernatural elements, family and relationships, and all of this woven with beautiful skill into a wonderful story This is written for youth but it does have elements of real darkness that may affect some than others This book felt like reading something by Bradbury mixed with Susan Cooper with a dash of Hans Christian Anderson for good measure I [...]

  10. With a title that sounds misleadingly like an American Girl story, I had pretty low expectations for the book and no idea what it was about My mistake This book was WONDERFUL Kit Watson has a gift for seeing ghosts and for storytelling, and these gifts enable him to befriend a boy deeply jaded and hurt by experiences in life I did wonder sometimes if the themes were specific for a YA audience, since it wasn t your typical misunderstood teen sexuality identity exploration I think we too often ass [...]

  11. I grew up in an old coal mining town in Kentucky I never played death, probably because the miners still work there However, the connection to the past and the land really resonated with me The Askews and the Watsons are like the Steeles and the Cobbs, where I m from When people see me, they see my grandfather He died when my mom was only six, but I know him Sometimes it s like how Kit found his name on the monument, I feel like my ancestors live through me I hear stories, see pictures, and feel [...]

  12. This Printz award winner is a fine piece of literature, one of those YA books that any adult should like, too.Kit s family returns to the coal mining town where his ancestors have been for generations and Kit gets engaged in game playing, story telling, a girl, a tough boy, and connecting with his aging grandfather But that s not all the book is about It s about death, and life, and ghosts, and deep time plate tectonics, the coal , and inheritances, and decency and commitment and imagination The [...]

  13. Almond writes a mixture of fantasy and reality that feels like a few too many sleepless nights in a row It works.

  14. Wonderful story of how the new boy in town finds himself fitting into Stoneygate than anywhere With the help of his Grandpa and Askew, he learns about the local history and how he is connected to it closer than he ever thought.

  15. I have such complicated feelings towards this book I was not fond of Skellig, though I read it a lot while ago when I was preparing to teach high school English Now I occasionally teach college and when I read YA or Teen, I think towards building a good library for my children, now 4 and 2 I d want to read this one alongside one of my kids, so we could talk about it There are a great number of layers, which would make it an interesting book to teach, though due to some cyclical uses of language [...]

  16. THAT was a really good book It was SOOOO creepy, but just for the fact that I was able to have that much of an emotional response speaks volumes for the effectiveness of the writing It has alot of themes of death and motifs of re birth It would seem like a ghost story at first, but isn t so much a story about death as much as it is a story about life It turns out to be a very uplifting read read it in one day I split the read in two and the first night I was freaked out so much I couldn t sleep, [...]

  17. Alyssa MorresAward WinnerThe book Kit s Wilderness is a story about gaining friendships and reaching for your dreams it takes place in a small England town that is known for its coal mining Kit the main character gets pulled into the past by Askew, a neighborhood kid, who plays the game of death in an old mining cave In the end Kit and Askew become great friends and learn from each other about life and each of their pasts Since this book took place in England it was hard to grasp the language th [...]

  18. Kit Watson and his family return to the mining village where his ancestors lived and worked He is drawn into the childish game of Death in the wilderness of old pit workings and a story unfolds of friendship, death and the meaning of belonging.Although this is a YA book it is very dark and well suited to an adult read The relationship between Kit and his grandfather is particularly well drawn The plot had touches of a Stephen King style but this was gentler and thoughtful This is the kind of bo [...]

  19. Kit moves to an English village that used to center around coal mining He enters a world where life and death and ancestry become intertwined within the harsh internal and external landscape David Almond amazed me with this book I did not expect to like such a dark read, but I loved it The story is intriguing on its own, and yet transcends It is eerie and sophisticated Mystical, mythical, imaginative, and believable.

  20. I wasn t quite sure what to make of this story It opens with a game called Death, in which the young teenagers of the small town of Stoneygate play inside an old coal mining shaft There is a girl who wants to be an actress, a grandfather who tells old stories but is starting to forget his past, and a number of children ghosts I liked the story, but didn t love it and I m not really sure what else to say.

  21. I haven t given a book 5 stars in a long time I love the story telling and the symbolism used in Kits Wilderness The story of Kit is rich with descriptions, and I m a succor for a happy ending.

  22. The heartbreakingly real world of coal mining is fused with magic, ghosts, and the power of friendship, family, and memory YA

  23. Another brilliant book by David Almond Interesting, different, so much scope for discussion with a Year 6 class.

  24. Kit s Wilderness by David Almond is a novel that takes place in a small town known as Stoneygate, where Kit Watson and his family move in order to care for their recently widowed grandfather Kit begins to find out about his heritage and how there were connected to the other old families of Stoneygate through the maze like mines that run just below their feet Soon into the beginning of the book Kit meets another boy known as Askew, Who is from the old families, he invites kit to play a game calle [...]

  25. I was just destroyed by a middle grade book So lyrical, thoughtful and dark, but with hope fleetingly glimpsed here and there like the ghostly Silky of the book It follows Kit through the wilderness between childhood and adulthood Kit s family moves back to the small Northern England former coal mining community of Stoneygate to care for his grandfather who is suffering from dementia The town bears the dark legacy of many child deaths in the mineshafts that riddle it s hills Many children in Sto [...]

  26. I m stingy when giving 5 stars And, for me, this story deserves every one It s so beautifully written it s almost like reading a prose poem Sometimes I wonder how I miss books like this Semi autobiographical, the story is set in a fictional former mining town in northern England very like the one the author grew up in Even the games the kids play are based on games the author played as a child One gets a clear sense of the shabby conditions of the town and the day to day struggle of many residen [...]