Falling Down Falling Down Best Read || [Anne Mercier] - Falling Down, Falling Down I was twelve when I started crushing on him I was seventeen when I met him by chance and our connection was made Now here I am twenty three and I m one of the two actresses in the video for his band

  • Title: Falling Down
  • Author: Anne Mercier
  • ISBN: 9781310553
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Falling Down

Falling Down Best Read || [Anne Mercier], Falling Down, Anne Mercier, Falling Down I was twelve when I started crushing on him I was seventeen when I met him by chance and our connection was made Now here I am twenty three and I m one of the two actresses in the video for his band s latest single Jesse Kingston is a tall dark and gorgeous temptation I m finding hard to resist It ends up not being as simple as doing a job and going home It can tI was twelve when Falling Down Best Read || [Anne Mercier]. Falling Down Best Read || [Anne Mercier] - Falling Down, Falling Down I was twelve when I started crushing on him I was seventeen when I met him by chance and our connection was made Now here I am twenty three and I m one of the two actresses in the video for his band

  • Falling Down Best Read || [Anne Mercier]
    207Anne Mercier
Falling Down
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  1. UmmmI don t know where to start.Oh boyThis book was sooo unbelievably awkward and cringey it s not funny.This book start off with Lucy meeting Jesse who she s obsessed with in an airport when she was 16 17I cant remember, but let me tell you It was so freaking awkward What kind of sound is Unh I ve been trying to work it out the whole book Anyway, next she meets Jesse a couple of years later and she s some big Hollywood actress, doing a video shoot for a band She doesn t know it s actually Jesse [...]

  2. I wish I could say that I just DNF this one but I stubbornly held on with hope in my heart But alas, no hope was to be found A total waste of valuable reading time The most encouragement I can extend to readers is that there is one hot, extremely sexy bad boy musician No hope for the female lead just a pure self absorbed female who acts and sings and clings And it s hard to define the storyline because there really isn t much of one to be found For the low price of 99 cents, readers get an overl [...]

  3. DNF AT 55%I can t take the all too convenient band formation, change in careers, shiny happy living situation that s going on here No character development and no STORY equals a no bueno situation for me.

  4. Where to start mmmmm Jesse Kingston hell yeah I Had the utter pleasure of beta reading this book and i really can t wait to get it onto my kindle This book has bucket loads of laughs, hot sexy men, strong female characters, and oozes chemistry and hot naughty sex The story is about Lucy and her childhood crush and lead singer of Falling Down, Jesse Kingston After meeting him in person a few years previously, Lucy Now a successful actress find herself in Jesse s company again And it begins, this [...]

  5. Loved it First things first, I have to say I was dying at the fat skinny Elvises Is Elvises a word Elvi ha when I was reading in bed after midnight last night couldn t help but snicker at it loudly enough to where the cat jumped on the bed and stared me down because I was disturbing his sleep o_O I m just glad I didn t wake the entire house I loved all the characters Anne created They were so realistic and you couldn t help but fall in love with them all especially Jesse dear lord, that man s HO [...]

  6. 3.5 starsThis one is about Lucy an actress and also a singer and her childhood rock star crush Jesse They meet at the Chicago airport and there s a spark but nothing until years later fate brings them together Well, you captured my attention six years ago, enchanted me with your voice the first minute of our second meeting, left me wanting after the first time we had sex that never happens, I m just saying Then I wanted you around, in my life, in my bed all the time You got me to want a relati [...]

  7. review show if this is what author thinks romance is then this series author is sooo not for me review show

  8. Let me just start by saying JESSE OMG LOVE HIM Lucy is amazing Together let the sparks fly.You will love this book.That is all you are getting from me right now, book will be released in a few days, you must buy this book

  9. I was very lucky to be a part of the beta reading team for this debut novel by Anne Mercier, and what an honour it was Anne had wrote a book from the heart that will have you melting into a puddle in your reading space for Jessie Kingston Lucy though the central character is someone we could all relate to in some form or another, be it her mother or her kick ass best friend, or her insecurities which we all can have This book makes you look at the world of the famous and see that it may not be a [...]

  10. DNF Tried to finish, got to 50% gave up, the waiting for improvement part of me finally gave in to the it s never going to get better part of me Totally unbelievable, Lucy is 23, from a Mafia family, has won an Academy Award, and is still a total fangirl of her 12 yr old rock star crush, Jesse if I ever read the word fangirl again it will be too soon Did I mention she is also an accomplished singer so is her cousin, Sera who happens to be a high fashion model They are ending their current career [...]

  11. dnf 20 r fetched plot, lacks tension between the main characters and awkward dialogue that made me cringe Can t read any , sorry.

  12. Loveeeeeed this book Lucy actress turned rock star meets up with her rock star crush inspiration Jesse Kingston six years after meeting him in O Hare Airport in Chicago As successful as Lucy is in her acting career, her heart and soul, along with her talent, belong to the music She and her cousin sister, Sera, you ll understand this as soon as you read the first couple of chapters have always played music together and had a band in high school With Jesse s help and her own connections, everythin [...]

  13. I was lucky to get a copy of this before it was released Ok I will put this out theremight contain spoilers because I am so excited about this book and just want to talk about it These characters come to life for me.I related so much to Lucy on so many levels Jessehot, rocker, dirty mouth and tattoosOMG He was Hot Sex on a Stick But there is something behind him in closed doors that only very few got to see Lucyautiful, quick witted, and talented She had always done what her mother wanted her to [...]

  14. I had the pleasure of beta reading for Anne Her debut novel is sexy, fun and so worth reading I love a great rock star book and Anne delivers exactly that The chemistry between Lucy and Jesse is hella hot Lucy is a movie star and is traveling with her best friend Sera and her mom During a layover they go to wonder around Lucy and Sera run into one of Lucy s major crushesJesse Kingston from rock group Falling Down Many years later they run into each other Lucy is older, confident and so ready to [...]

  15. originally posted atBedroom Bookworms When one of your author besties says she floves a new author and insists that I read her book, you listen And that s how I discovered Anne Mercier Harper Bentley recommended Falling Down and I am forever grateful Not only is Anne s debut novel an awesome, fun, laugh out loud, so hot you whimper read, but Anne herself is awesome She s a self proclaimed book nerd and I claim her as one of our SmutSluts So much so that she was November s author of the month Ove [...]

  16. Crushing on His Sexiness Finally Falling Down has been on my TBR for a long time Every time a new book in the series was released I kept telling myself that I need to read it But too many deadlines and responsibilities kept getting in the way So finally, here on July 4th weekend, while everyone is partying with BBQ and Fireworks, here I am, enjoying a different kind of fireworks Yes, I agree that the storyline is predictable But, damn it s the best kind of guilty pleasure What s better than read [...]

  17. Wow I stumbled over this to pass my time until the next book of The Rocker comes out and hoped for something that wouldn t disappoint me too much I am not only not disappointed, I was enthralled and devoured this book in one night The heroine Luce is just to die for ordinary in some ways obviously not the award winning actress part I so saw myself in front of my teenage crush again, while reading the airport scene Even though she is portrayed as famous, she is just so down to earth and longs for [...]

  18. This book was awesome Lucy was awesome She was kickass, standing up for what she really wanted to do instead of still doing what her Mum wanted her to do Plus she loves Tijan Loved those Tijanette references Jesse was just a beautiful person He wasn t your typical rockstar and wasn t afraid to admit his real feelings for someone He wasn t perfect, but was human and made mistakes like anyone else, but apologised for it and let himself be vulnerable for Lucy.Loved the other members of both bands a [...]

  19. Received an ARC for an honest review Caution Too hot to handle, bring extra panties.Thank you so much for popping in my email Anne Mercier One of the best decisions I made is to read something from an author I haven t heard before After reading Falling Down, I had concluded that it was a bestseller, no brainer.Nailed every aspect of producing a perfect rockstar romance The sizzling sex and awesome set of lead characters were great I really liked Jesse and Lucy It was so real for me From their ch [...]

  20. DNFI tried I really did but after two days I just couldn t get into this story and it s sad because I have read some other works by Anne Mercier and I really liked them.

  21. Love rockers ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review ok I had already read this book once, so when I was given an ARC for a honest review I was honored so I m going to leave my first review but, I am going to add to it if you love rockers than you must, no you need to read this book Lucy has always had a crush on rocker Jesse Kingston from Fallen Down, when she runs into him at the airport at age 17 she becomes speechless, they shake hands, get a picture and actually have a [...]

  22. Sweet Sassy Smutty Who doesn t love a sexy Rockstar and a sassy sometimes vulnerable heroine I do I do love a Rockstar romance It s what we all dreamed of as little girls, and haha some of us probably STILL dream about eting our Rockstar crush, and falling in love le siiigh 3 Jesse is sweet, sexy, alpha, an all around good guy who hasn t really given love a chance until Lucy comes back in to his life And, wowsers, I could FEEL the chemistry between them, through the pages I got caught up in this [...]

  23. Falling Down is an amusing read I really enjoyed the characters in this story.Lucy is adorable She doesn t see herself the way others do She s humble and nurturing She likes to take care of people She has an awesome sense of humor and lots of talent Even though she s a star, she still gets star struck over Jesse.Jesse Kingston is a playboy, at least, was until he got with Lucy He has a great sense of humor, as does the members in his band They kept me very amused Jesse can be a bit of a caveman [...]

  24. I loved this book I really liked all the characters and Jesse was HOT I bought this book because I knew it would be a series but the author had a note attached to the description This is a stand alone novel with a HEA No cliffhanger So I thought no cliffhanger awesome But then I find out there is a book 2 and it is again about Jesse Lucy, if they had a HEA why another book for them So now I am on pins and needles wondering if all the drama that wasn t in book book 1 will be in book 2 I almost fe [...]

  25. I was lucky to recieve a copy of this amazing book by the author before it was released Jessie the rock star hottie and life long crush of Lucy have chance meeting at an airport while she s on her way to L.A to start her acting career Six years later they end up working together in a recording studio and sparks begin to fly This book is passionate, emotional and really hot with such a good story line I loved all the supporting characters and the fact that you got a glimps of stories to come This [...]

  26. Fun and hilarious with lively characters and a larger than life premise, Falling Down is super sexy and super sweet It has everything you ll ever need in a novel with super romantic moments, hot sexy times and a hero who seriously just rocks your socks off I floved it I thought it was super fun to read and the characters were relatable It was entertaining The life of every fangirl come true.

  27. Lucy is awesome I wish I could give 10 stars This author has put out a beautiful piece of work This story had me laughing and wanting to climb thru the pages all of the characters are perfect, can t wait for the next part of this story congrats on your first book, it s a keeper and I m gonna be rereading it re than worth the money.

  28. I saw this book on Tijan s page and tried a sample wow was i hooked one clicked was up all night reading and the had to re read Anne Mercier rocked this book can t wait for to come from this author

  29. Eeeeeeekkkkkk Amazeballs right here in the flesh This book was fantastic with a big ass fuck yeah I loved Lucy, sera and Jesse I mean honestly everyone I loved I can NOT wait for book 2, if it s anything like book one, I ll have another sleepless night Very huge thumbs up