The Book of Joan [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Book of Joan : by Lidia Yuknavitch - The Book of Joan, The Book of Joan In the near future world wars have transformed the earth into a battleground Fleeing the unending violence and the planet s now radioactive surface humans have regrouped to a mysterious platform kno

  • Title: The Book of Joan
  • Author: Lidia Yuknavitch
  • ISBN: 9780062383273
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover

The Book of Joan

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Book of Joan : by Lidia Yuknavitch, The Book of Joan, Lidia Yuknavitch, The Book of Joan In the near future world wars have transformed the earth into a battleground Fleeing the unending violence and the planet s now radioactive surface humans have regrouped to a mysterious platform known as CIEL hovering over their erstwhile home The changed world has turned evolution on its head the surviving humans have become sexless hairless pale white creatures flIn the near [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Book of Joan : by Lidia Yuknavitch. [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Book of Joan : by Lidia Yuknavitch - The Book of Joan, The Book of Joan In the near future world wars have transformed the earth into a battleground Fleeing the unending violence and the planet s now radioactive surface humans have regrouped to a mysterious platform kno

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Book of Joan : by Lidia Yuknavitch
    472Lidia Yuknavitch
The Book of Joan
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  1. I loathed this book There were brief enticing moments of rich writing, smothered in a failed attempt to create a masterpiece and a world vision that just did not coalesce for me I particularly could not stomach the Christine Trinculo Jean de Men story, with its horribly arrogant tone rich hairless sadists with stupid names trapped in a slave based space colony practicing body scarification, torture, dismemberment, sexualized asexuality, all with a de gendered waxen pallor and all in atonement fo [...]

  2. In August 2015 I participated in a weekend writing workshop with Lidia Yuknavitch, an experience I chronicled here A Weekend with Lidia At a reading the evening after our first day together, Lidia told the crowd she was working on a novel about Joan of Arc Lidia historical fiction didn t compute for me, but I m willing to follow her anywhere, so I trusted her version of Joan s legend would be something quite apart from cloaks and swords and dastardly priests There were hints along the pre releas [...]

  3. Yuknavitch s novel is an ultra feminist, gender bending acid trip Her Joan is the hero of our speculative future This book falls under the category of Dystopian fiction, but I m not so sure It was written before our current president was elected, and its antagonist is a psychotic celebrity named Jean de Man Sound eerily familiar If The Handmaid s Tale is an enraged scream, The Book of Joan is a tortured howl The crimes against women in this imagined future are horrifying beyond belief Admittedly [...]

  4. I never thought I d be in a position to give a 1 star review to a book I actually bothered to finish, but here we are.Starting with the good e writing was occasionally pretty.That s it And, frankly, the prettiness was severely inhibited by the attempt to be profound with the actual content.Now for the bad oh boy, where do I even begin Do I start with the premise The sudden devolution of humanity into hairless white androgynes obsessed with their own self mutilation This sexless society is sex ob [...]

  5. Silent skinsongs.That s all we are After Earth has been destroyed, humanity is trying to survive in genetically modified forms in the nearby universe The future species is occupied with trying to find ways to reproduce the ability has been lost and they are dwindling Their stories intertwine with the girl who caused the revolution and destruction in the first place, and may be enough of a force to start another Joan of Arc Somewhat There are some scenes of violence to women that I felt were unne [...]

  6. I still don t know what to make of this dystopian sci fi novel It s a far flung, imagined future that honors a storied past invoking Joan of Arc and medieval feminist Christine de Pizan I had to look it up I know nothing beyond the grade school basics when it comes to Joan of Arc but it didn t impede my enjoyment of the book at all.This thing is bloody, violent, sexually charged and angry without being overly academic The story is challenging to say the least, but fiercely compelling It s comple [...]

  7. This book rates a solid meh I know many love it, and to each their own, but I found it too removed from real emotion to be enticing Most of the characters felt shallow, and while I really loved the potential in Trinculo I felt like this was never fully fleshed out And then there was the crass sexuality I know, I m sure it was meant to be blunt, to be shocking maybe, but ultimately it was just obtuse Too many sewn up c ts, shriveled penises, flattened boobs Seems like for that to happen within a [...]

  8. My first thought upon finishing The Book of Joan was the question of what I just read My second thought was that this was one of those books where I probably should have DNF d it I continue to read stories in the perpetual hope that they will improve or that an ending will buoy the entire novel In this case, I hoped the ending would coalesce the disparate stories into one cohesive unit and improve my understanding spoiler alert it did not.There is so much promise within The Book of Joan which ma [...]

  9. Corporeal of or relating to a persons body, especially as opposed to their spirit Each novel I read by Lidia Yuknavitch is some how, even better than the last I had to pace myself while reading, as to savor it The Book of Joan is dystopian unlike anything I ve read before Beautifully written and full of riveting action I ll definitely be buying the hardcover when it comes out in April, and re reading this masterpiece Thanks to HarperCollins for the E galley.

  10. Startling and strange Not really sure how to rate it so here are some striking passages Two things have always ruptured up and through hegemony art and bodies That is how art has preserved its toehold in our universe Where there was poverty, there was also a painting someone stared at until it filled them with grateful tears Where there was genocide, there was a song that refused to quiet Where a planet was forsaken, there was someone telling a story with their last breath, and someone else carr [...]

  11. My feelings for the book went up and down as I read by page two I was thrilled by the language especially in comparison to the book I read just before it, The Three Body Problem , by page 50 or so I was so physically repulsed by the grotesque humans on CIEL that I had to force myself to continue, and by the end of the book I was astounded by its intellectual depth At least I suspect it is very deep certainly deeper than my mind can go on its own Some GR readers have talked about the need to know [...]

  12. Lidia Yuknavitch s post apocalyptic retelling of Joan of Arc s story is flat out brilliant The Earth is decimated and the only possibility of life is on the hovering stations suspended above the barren landscape The stations are highly patrolled and the inhabitants are continuously watched is this a life worth living But, despite its ruin, there are two women left on the Earth Joan and Leone Exploring female relationships to each other, to men, and to their own bodies, Yuknavitch s tale is both [...]

  13. Copies of Lidia Yuknavitch s post apocalyptic dystopian novel The Book of Joan must be flying off the shelves The reviews have been raves It s been called a dizzying, dystopian genre mash up and, in a New York Times Book Review cover story, brilliant and incendiary So why isn t it good The novel s premise is pretty intriguing Earth s sole survivors, all affluent and upper class, are floating around in space on a craft called CIEL They can see Earth off in the distance, no longer a beautiful blue [...]

  14. Another brilliant novel from Lidia Yuknavitch Yuknavitch is at the forefront of feminist writing She can explore the complex relationship women have with their bodies like no other Her dual protagonists have a strength and purpose that is inspiring and heartbreaking Given our current political climate, this book is incredibly timely and eerily prescient Yuknavitch s corporeal writing is a marvel.Thank you HarperCollins and Edelweiss for the ARC.

  15. Reminded me a bit of Kameron Hurley s short story The Corpse Archives Very good literary sci fi Good timing with the Handmaid s Tale miniseries releasing in March and probably an upswing in readership for this kind of thing All that said, I did like it

  16. This was a 4.5 read for me.My thoughts Brilliant, unflinching, imaginative and scathing.These were the words that came to mind when I finished Yuknavitch s literary tale of the reimagining of Joan of Arc set in the near future.This multilayered tale with a feminist bent and where the past is the present of the future appealed, intrigued and provoked me in that this book was always in my mind whenever I had to put it down for other life commitments.This book exposed me to the concept of corporeal [...]

  17. Writing crackles Sharp as hell My first time reading Yuknavitch Didn t love the book Love how she writes.

  18. I mean, how can you talk about Lidia Yuknavitch and not be reductive She s irreducible That s the whole thing No one writes how she does, and so few write why she does I think she s a living genius, and reading her work is whatever the opposite of impoverishing is I was and still remain so enad by her novel The Small Backs of Children that I went into The Book of Joan telling myself, It s totally all right if it doesn t catapult you to the same soul mind altitude that TSBOC did, because that was [...]

  19. Rare I read a book where I keep thinking This was written for the big screen If this is our future, our sexless future, ai yi yi Yuknavitch s writing is always compelling, always makes on think, and no matter what twists and turns are happening, she finds a way to keep things darkly humorous or deeply disturbing.

  20. Oh dear Not for me, not in any way Overwrought story and writing style, with so much telling and very little showing, where everyone speaks with great portentousness Plus, how many times were the words rage and wrong used Many, many, many Some of this I could have lived with, but the world that Yuknavitch created didn t hold up Why were the people who lived on CIEL being killed off when they were 50, when no one could reproduce How were Jean de Men s skin grafts sliced off to reveal his true nat [...]

  21. I loved the idea of this novel much than the execution The Book of Joan is at times chilling and unique in its portrayal of a post apocalyptic earth, but I found the story became too convoluted as it progressed I know a major part of the novel was meant to be commentary on the importance of the arts in maintaining true humanity and in our current political nightmare, this was a rather fitting aspect of a frightening future Unfortunately, Yuknavitch s hints of Shakespearean dramatic comedy just [...]

  22. Enter the world of The Book of Joan, circa 2049 geocatastrophe has ravaged the Earth and world wars have killed millions radical changes in the ozone, atmosphere, and magnetic fields caused radical changes in morphology, leading to shrinking shriveling absent genitals and almost total infertility the Earth s surface is radioactive and what human life there is has gone underground.Orbiting above the Earth is CIEL I ve not seen CIEL from the outside for a long time, but I remember it looking like [...]

  23. The earth is dead, populated only by a few dying survivors, the environment reduced to desert A handful of wealthy people live in a space station tethered to the earth, called CIEL, using the last few resources to live increasingly futile lives The sudden, dramatic environmental changes as well as the new living conditions have brought changes to the people on CIEL they are hairless, devoid of pigmentation or genitalia Without the usual physical markers, people have turned to grafts and scarific [...]

  24. Now and then I approach speculative fiction fantasy, sci fi, etc etc with an open mind More often than not, abysmal writing kicks my mind closed again and I scamper back to writers like Adam Johnson and Paul Beatty, whose prose doesn t read like it was transliterated from medieval German I can t fault Ms Yuknavitch s imagination, the idea of expanding the Joan of Arc legend into a post modern take on the duality of men as celestial and women as terrestrial is actually kind of clever I can, howev [...]

  25. I admire Lidia Yuknavitch s audacity in really going out there and writing a dystopic historical futuristic fiction that bears no similarity to her other works But this made such a gruesome and viscerally unsettling audiobook that the Christine de Pizan Joan of Arc allegories and feminist messages about gender and sexuality were all but lost on me The violence in the conclusion was especially ghastly I have to commend Xe Sands for her fearless narration that compelled me to finish in spite of my [...]

  26. The Book of Joan is a masterpiece An inimitable, breathing, bloody infusion of Joan of Arc, the Goddess creation destruction story mapped out on body landscapes with the stunning pen of Yuknavitch Holy shit Do not miss this revolutionary, premonitory re planting of the planet through her fierce and brilliant vision Timeless and timely LOVE LOVE LOVE

  27. A feminist, environmentalist, dystopian novel with gay characters written with crass humor Yes, please Just written by someone else next time I wish I hadn t wasted my time finishing this one The writing is overwrought, and the way the author strangely used the word wrong repeatedly greatly annoyed me Also, it was boring.

  28. Beautiful writing, highly imaginative story all the poignant after the US presidential election , but sometimes difficult to follow the narrative in second half.

  29. I wanted to like this a lot than I did It felt contrived and pretentious to me The writing had moments of really compelling beauty, but mostly an eye roller for me.