Morning Is a Long Time Coming [PDF] Morning Is a Long Time Coming | by ☆ Bette Greene - Morning Is a Long Time Coming, Morning Is a Long Time Coming The sequel to Bette Greene s National Book Award finalist Summer of My German Soldier Patty is now eighteen and a high school graduate but she cannot face her future until she comes to terms with her

  • Title: Morning Is a Long Time Coming
  • Author: Bette Greene
  • ISBN: 9780141306353
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback

Morning Is a Long Time Coming

[PDF] Morning Is a Long Time Coming | by ☆ Bette Greene, Morning Is a Long Time Coming, Bette Greene, Morning Is a Long Time Coming The sequel to Bette Greene s National Book Award finalist Summer of My German Soldier Patty is now eighteen and a high school graduate but she cannot face her future until she comes to terms with her past She decides to go to Germany in search of Anton s mother desperate for a connection to the man she loved and lost En route she stops in Paris where she meets Rog [PDF] Morning Is a Long Time Coming | by ☆ Bette Greene. [PDF] Morning Is a Long Time Coming | by ☆ Bette Greene - Morning Is a Long Time Coming, Morning Is a Long Time Coming The sequel to Bette Greene s National Book Award finalist Summer of My German Soldier Patty is now eighteen and a high school graduate but she cannot face her future until she comes to terms with her

  • [PDF] Morning Is a Long Time Coming | by ☆ Bette Greene
    312Bette Greene
Morning Is a Long Time Coming
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  1. In the spirit of summer reading lists of yore, I thought I d focus on another book that was on one of the many lists I went through Or rather the sequel to one of those books MORNING IS A LONG TIME COMING the sequel to Summer of My German Soldier Reading Summer of My German Soldier kind of wrecked my twelve year old self I loved it, but man did it hurt I was on Patty s side from the beginning and I was frankly horrified at the way her family treated her Particularly her atrocious mother In fact, [...]

  2. I don t consider this a spoiler because I couldn t possibly spoil it any worse than the author already has I read this book because I didn t like the way the first book My German Soldier ended and I was hoping that things would improve for Patty in the sequel Boy, did I waste my time I would love to have a refund on all of the time that I spent reading this book I had hoped that now that Patty was 18 that she somehow would have matured over the last 6 years that transpired since the first book U [...]

  3. Reviewed for THC Reviews 4.5 stars Although there doesn t seem to be an official series title, Morning Is a Long Time Coming is a sequel to Bette Greene s modern classic, young adult novel, Summer of My German Soldier Since that book had a decidedly unsatisfying ending, I was glad to see that Ms Geene had written a follow up I had always felt that there were many reviewers who mis characterized Summer of My German Soldier as a romance I didn t really see it as such for a number of reasons, not t [...]

  4. Wow, after reading Summer of My German Soldier, this book really didn t compare In the first book you really sympathize with the characters, even the bad ones sometimes, even though they do cruel and unreasonable things In Morning is a Long Time Coming, I really didn t feel empathy with any of the characters, and I tried Instead of discovering herself and her own self worth, as I expected from the first book, Patty seemed determined to be insecure and bitchy, judging everything based on what her [...]

  5. This is a sequel to Summer of My German Soldier Although in my opinion it is not nearly as great a story as the first, I do love that Patty remains the same character, only 6 years later And she is struggling to figure out who she is and breaking away from her parents destructive influence I do miss Ruth I understand why Ruth was not in this book much, but I think she is one of the main characters that gave the previous book much of its greatness I do have to say I love this quote from which the [...]

  6. This is the sequel to Summer of My German Soldier , which I read a few days ago This book was not what I expected at all The previous book ended with Patty in Reform School and I was eager to know what happened This book begins 6 years later, when Patty graduates from high school in her small town of Jenkinsville, Arkansas I also hoped to learn why her parents were so hard on her but loved her younger sister I never learned that Her mother continued to criticize and tear her down while her fathe [...]

  7. All I know is that growing up hurts too much Growing down is what I d really like to do Be little enough again so it would be perfectly natural to be protected from the wind and the rain and the world Patty Bergen, Morning Is a Long Time Coming, P 84 But don t go thinking that I m critical of you, Anton, because really I m not Not a bit It s just that you re not here I m alone and I m frightened and you re not here And you re not ever going to be here for me Patty Bergen, P 152Bette Greene, auth [...]

  8. I bought this because it was the sequel to Summer of My German Soldier, which I enjoyed However, the character who at 13 was confused but endearing now reads, at 18, as a spoiled little brat who wavers from one extreme to the other Halfway through the story I realized I couldn t stand the main character Patty and didn t care if she ever found Anton s mother or not.The blurb states she goes to Europe in search of Anton s mother he was the Nazi she befriended in the first book , but by the midway [...]

  9. Wow, what a letdown SPOILER ALERT If you were tricked into reading this because you were hoping to do a lot of reading about Patty s trip to Germany and connect with Anton s family, as promised by the synopsis, I feel bad for you, son That part gets shoved into maybe one or two chapters at the end most of the book is taken up by Patty s questionable tryst in Europe with some French guy who is about as controlling as the father she fled from Any of the character development that took place with P [...]

  10. I remember loving the first book when I read it years ago, and I still remember how much I disliked this book upon initially reading it, not to long after having finished reading the first book I d have to re read it again to tell you all of why I did not like it, but I think the biggest reasons I did not like it, is because Patty did not improve as a character, but rather worsened It was as if her whole story arc from the first novel was useless Everything that she had become at the end of the [...]

  11. his is the sequel to Summer of My German Soldier, which I never knew existed until I stumbled across it at a used book sale Summer of My German Soldier was one of my favorite books as a preteen, so I was looking forward to reading the follow up, especially as I recently re read the original I didn t think a sequel was necessary, and the story told in the book was pretty much what I expected just extra happenings There was really nothing that needed closure or expanding upon I was actually frustr [...]

  12. Bette Greene is a writer who is great at making complicated characters who have complicated problems, and bringing them through the things that happen in the book while they are growing to understand themselves, even as complicated as they are I love her writing, because I feel like it makes me understand myself better and I m in my 20s It s not necessarily action packed, but in her book The Summer of my German Soldier, I started crying at about the 3 4 mark, and I didn t stop crying until 10 or [...]

  13. This was the first book I have ever truly disliked It was painful to read The author fails to adequately develop her main character from the previous novel, and her actions are completely unaligned with the passionate little girl from book one It was awful and ruins the magic of Summer of My German Soldier Do not pick this one up It s a waste of time and an unforgivable disappointment.

  14. The good news The dust jackets terrible synopsis isn t real The bad news It s much worse Have you ever loved a book, and then you read a sequel so bad that it actually effects how much you like the original book That was this book.The scene 1950, 6 years after AntonPart 1 Patty whines and complains and complains some Says she doesn t want to keep rehashing what happened with Anton Keeps rehashing what happened with Anton Gets upset that everyone thinks she s a traitor, even though no one in tow [...]

  15. For me this had a decidedly unsatisfying conclusion This is the sequel to The summer of my German Soldier set 6 years after the death of Anton I had expected Patty to journey to Europe in order to find Anton s family This part of the novel was but a few pages and left me with questions than answers Other than that, I enjoyed the rest of the story following Patty s journey through life, love and maturity.

  16. Love this almost as much as the first one Summer of my German Soldier , after so much sadness and trouble for the main character I m so happy with the ending.

  17. A satisfying sequel to a book I first read when I was young and returned to over and over again I never knew there was a sequel my library didn t have it and I m glad I finally found it.

  18. Bette Greene Morning Is A Long Time ComingBook ReviewBy Esther Deborah K.Morning Is A Long Time Coming is just basically a cliche way of authors to satisfy the readers longing to meet the beloved characters again It s a sequel that bridges Patty Bergen s nature as a child towards an eventful journey to her maturity This is basically some kind of created reflection of herself which transitioned her childhood into adulthood I m glad Bette Greene created this continuing story because it allows Patt [...]

  19. I loved Summer of My German Soldier when I read it in the 70 s in 5th or 6th grade So I reread it as an adult It still had much of the same appeal, but with the awareness now of the profanity and depressing life this young girl lived The ending left so many questions, I was excited to learn there was a sequel Unfortunately, the sequel didn t live up to the original except for the language and that Patty s depressing life continued What this girl needed was serious therapy and counseling But that [...]

  20. If you read my review of the prequel, you re probably wondering why I read the sequel Well, I already had it checked out of the library, and I was curious.However, I liked this, the sequel, even less than the first.The swearing, abuse, and racial issues still exist This book adds sexual issues as well.Again, the author does a great job creating real problems and issues It is all very believable and real, so perhaps someone dealing with similar problems would prefer this book.However, it was just [...]

  21. Patty Bergen is 18 now and she can do whatever she likes with her life Her grandparents give her the money to go to any college she wants and try to find her a nice boy to marry But Patty isn t interested in any of that because all she can remember is Anton, her POW friend who died during the same summer she met him Patty is still looking for closure with his death so decides to head to Europe to meet his family She begins by heading to Paris where she falls in love with Roger, a care free man w [...]

  22. Six years later After being sent reform school for hiding a German prisoners during the war she finds home life is no better Her mother still finds fault with her appearance and actions While her father no longer beats her she endures his verbal abuse at every turn She graduates from high school College Yes, but she really wants to go to Europe to put closure on her relationship with Anton and visit with Anton s family Her parents are so furious with her choice that her father removes her name f [...]

  23. Sequel to Summer of My German Soldier It was good, but I think I liked the first one better This follows the girl whose name I cannot remember when she s older She travels to Europe in search of Anton s family I m pretty sure she meets some dude in France, maybe I m sorry Don t rememeber much I probably could easily look up the summary, but this is my review, so I m telling you my experience, haha Anyway, it was mildly interesting, but the only thing I really remember about it was the comparison [...]

  24. This book really shouldn t have surprised me, since I never thought Patty was a necessarily likable character in the first book, just an interesting one, but I expected her to at least remain interesting here She gets both less likable and less interesting she becomes predictable and angsty, childish and pedantic I d still give the book credit where credit was due if this seemed to be on purpose, but while the first book just seemed to be a realistic portrait of a young girl making some fascinat [...]

  25. Oy vey I m sure I m not the first person and I probably won t be the last to make the observation that the end of this book was a longer time coming than morning This sequel to Summer of my German Soldier doesn t cover a lot of new ground If I stipulate that Patty Bergen s parents are horrible human beings, then poof A third of the book disappears The other two thirds of the book felt like a thinly veiled retelling of Bette Greene s life than a novel, and based on the strangely lengthy and boas [...]

  26. I was extremely disappointed with Patty s character Instead of growing from the first book, she seems to degenerate Her character is contradictory and weak Where s the strong minded, intriguing Jewish girl from Summer of My German Soldier She seems to have disappeared The Patty in this novel is not the same one at all She seems a lot weaker than her twelve year old self, fragile And certainly not indestructible Compared to the previous novel, this was just mediocre The characterization, which I [...]

  27. This was a sequal to Summer of My German Soldier It was an interesting book although not a real page turner Patty is graduating from high school and plans to use her college money for her trip to Europe She has not told anyone this and is afraid to do so She wants to find Anton s mother in Germany It tells her travels and how things go with the money she has and how she is able to make it all work Interesting how one can be treated so differently by people other than her parents Who were terribl [...]

  28. I was looking forward to reading this as this was a continuation of Patty Bergen s story Summer of my German Soldier We meet Patty again as she is graduating from High School and dealing with further fallout from her mother and Father She chooses to head to Paris and then connect to Germany to meet Anton s mother While it is great she finally stands up to her parents in this book and doesn t give in to their head games what she finds in Paris and Germany ends up being disappointing and I hate ho [...]

  29. This wasn t quite as good as Summer of my German Soldier, but I still liked it I wanted to know what happened to Patty and how she got on as she grew older, this book satisfied that for me I was also impressed with how convinced I was that this indeed was Patty, only older I think that s difficult The last time we read a story with her, she was just 12, and now she is a grown woman I was slightly disappointed in a few of the plot points, but for the most part I liked it I felt like Patty FINALLY [...]